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The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Chinese Medicine’s Amma Therapy

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A type of massage therapy derived from the multi-millennia-old amma technique, Amma therapy highlights a combo of different massage procedures used to prevent and treat diseases. This form of therapeutic massage has been greatly influenced by ancient Chinese medicine. It sometimes includes Bellmore Chinese medicine and acupuncture in its treatment plan. Amma therapy actually is considered another form of acupuncture that doesn’t use needles stuck into the human body.

Alternative therapies were utilized thousands of years ago. The evidence to this is seen in ancient stone engravings that depicted images of herbalism, massage therapies, and other types of natural treatment. It is believed that Amma therapy was first used more than 5000 years ago during the reign of the great yellow emperor of China.

The principle behind Amma therapy differs very little with other types of Asian therapeutic massages as it is aimed at the important acupuncture points in the body. The goal of therapists is to maintain the smooth flow of Chi or energy along the energy channels or meridians of their patients. Chi that moves sluggishly is restored to healthy flow by forcing energy to move through the energy lines during the treatment session. Also practiced along with Amma massage therapy is moxibustion which is the application of heat on specific key points in the body. Heat prepares and conditions the body to receive and produce better results. Its benefit to the body includes a loosening of the tight and tensed muscles that causes cramps, aches, pain, sprains, and other types of muscle ailments.

One of Amma therapy’s most important and yet simplest feature is the evaluation stage. The massage therapist carefully scans and observes for imbalances during this stage. He also looks out for any abnormalities and deformities and other symptoms of ill-health via the four traditional basic processes of asking, touching, smelling, and looking. These four assessment tools serve as the foundational reference of the patient’s current condition and his medical history.

The positioning of the client’s bones is another technique used in Amma therapy. Amma practitioners and therapists think that the placement of the bone is a major determinant to the overall health of the patient. Besides using musculoskeletal manipulation, Amma therapy can also assist in recovering broken bones, damages, and fractured bones. Despite the high rate of success of this therapy, it cannot always guarantee positive outcomes. Be that as it may, practitioners believe it produces effective results and provides benefits to patients.

Swedish massage and Shiatsu use different massage techniques when it comes to the application of pressure on the patients. Both are also sometimes used in Amma therapy. Swedish massage and Shiatsu are utilized to address different specific problems in the body. Swedish massage may be administered to soothe the mind and body and to relieve stress while Shiatsu massage can be used to address deep tissue muscle pains.

The positive effects and benefits of Amma therapy are felt and are visible even right after the end of a session. Sometimes, however, some areas of the body may feel slightly sore due to the loosening of the tight muscles. Eventually this will diminish and a relaxed and lighter feeling will set in, leaving patients with a good mood. Another benefit of the therapy is a younger looking and glowing skin provided the therapy is done on a regular basis.

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October 17th, 2017 at 3:50 am