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The Wide Range Of Healing Benefits Of Moxibustion Therapy

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Moxa therapy or moxibustion is derived from the Japanese words “Moe” and “Kusa” which translates to burning herb. It is a treatment usually used for relieving fatigue and pain in the body. Moxa is a wool-type plant obtained from Mugwort, an herbal plant. Moxibustion therapy was and is still widely practiced in China and Japan because basically it really works. It is now practiced by healers all around the world.

Moxibustion treatment involves the burning of a moxa stick with its warmth applied to the body. This warmth has a therapeutic effect on the acupuncture points that are targeted in the body. The moxa stick possesses various chi toning qualities. It is made in a horizontal manner so that less heat reaches the patient and to make it easy to handle.

Steps taken during a moxibustion procedure:

1. The practitioner first takes a moxa stick made up of moxa wool and wrapped in paper in a cylindrical form. The stick is held in a vertical direction by the practitioner.

2. Next, the practitioner tells the patient to lie down on a comfortable bench or couch and to remove his clothes from the part of the body to be treated. A towel is placed underneath the patient to catch the falling ash from the moxa stick and to prevent the patient from being burned by the hot ash.

3. The practitioner then holds the moxa downwards and lights the end of the stick using a lighter or match stick. The moxa is allowed to burn until it starts emitting some smoke and the aroma of the herb can be smelled. Sometimes, the practitioner tests the burning herb on the patient’s skin and if the patient feels some warmth then the treatment process can proceed.

4. The moxa stick is held two to three centimeters above the patient’s body and the patient feels the soothing and comfortable warmth of the treatment. To avoid the risk of skin burns, the practitioner maintains a safe distance of the stick from the skin.

5. Once the procedure is done, the practitioner extinguishes the fire by either using pinching the fire with his fingers or by dipping the stick in water.

After a round of moxa treatment, most people feel energized. Moxibustion aids in strengthening the flow of blood in the vessels through the warmth received by the tissues. The smooth and free flow of energy or Chi is activated across the energy channels and the lymphatic system starts to work properly. The treatment stimulates all the system in the body; relieves rheumatism; eliminates swelling, stiffness, and muscle tension; and alleviates pain and fatigue in the body. It promotes timely menstrual cycle in women, and resolves any conditions associated with it. At times during the session, people may fall asleep due to the pleasure and relaxation they feel. Moxibustion therapy’s incredible after effects can be only felt after experiencing it once.

This treatment has also its disadvantages. One is that the earthy smell of the smoke may not be good for people with asthma or for those who are sensitive to smoke. That being said, this therapy still works extremely well in treating all kinds of pain. If you are considering trying moxibustion treatment, the most important thing you should remember is to choose a practitioner who is certified or has extensive experience using moxibustion and in treating the condition you want treated. Because this procedure involves the use of heat, you need a seasoned therapist who can prevent your skin from being accidentally burned. Most acupuncturists also perform this therapy along with acupuncture to channel the correct movement of chi in the parts of the body requiring treatment and to augment the effects of the treatment.

Native people in North and South America consider the same mugwort plant as sacred and they use it for spiritual healing. The mugwort is also used for magic and is kept under pillows to evoke dreams. This herb surely has a wide range of healing benefits.

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