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The Energy Centers Of The Body

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Could you bring about changes to your emotional and mental well-being in order to speed up healing?

Does your body have energy centers to tap in neuropeptides, enzymes, and hormones for healing? Can you set off the antibodies (leukocytes, macrophages, and phagocytes) in your body to stimulate your thymus, bone marrow, and natural killer immune systems?

Energy Centers

Our body possesses seven discs or wheels (chakras) that energize our emotions, body, and mind. They are located at the following areas of the body:

1. Originating at the spine’s base – Vibrating with the color red, this energetic Root center is known to be a determining factor for prosperity, security, health, and influence.

2. Genital-Sacral area (the Lower back) – Focusing on this chakra can help rectify desire, emotions, sensations, and movement. The Genital-Sacral chakra regulates one’s capacity to respond to change. It vibrates with the color Orange.

3. Intestines or Enteric Nervous Center (the Solar-Plexus) – This chakra is a very powerful and important energy enter. It determines autonomy, will, and personal power and its vibration is associated with the color Yellow.

4. The Heart – This emotional energy nexus is associated with the Limbic System. The color Green is its signature vibratory appearance. The Heart chakra sets off the energy of female and male, unity and ego, body and mind, the unities, and the power of love.

5. Throat – The energy disc in the throat commands our life symbolically via resonances resulting in communication. Our verbal signals often produce creativity. The throat chakra vibrates to the Blue color.

6. Third Eye (Brow) – This energy wheel is also identified as the Pineal Gland and is associated with intuition and seeing. The Third Eye chakra is responsible for mental imagery and vibrates with the color Purple or Indigo.

7. The Crown – This chakra is another extremely powerful nexus associated with memory, learning, and knowledge. Violet is its resonating color.


In each eye, there are six muscles controlling eye-movement for. Two are oblique muscles: Inferior and Superior. Four are referred to as Rectus muscles: Inferior, Superior, Medial and Lateral.

When you talk face to face with a person, read, play a video game, watch TV, or use a computer, the Knowledge Economy causes your eyes to narrowly focus. This brings you into Tunnel-Vision mode which is a natural reaction when performing those activities. It limits your mind to perform left-brain skills and helps narrow your focus.

Speedlearners can energize their peripheral vision by using a wide (broad) focus technique called Going Lizard. This triggers your right brain to promote the function of your left brain in a more vibratory manner. Your brain functions in a more balanced way when both the left and right parts of the brain operate synchronistically.

This can be achieved with a two-minute exercise that involves moving the eyes into each of the six muscle positions. After 21 days of practice, some students have reported of faster reading speed and enhanced vision. To create a neural pathway (to make this a habit), this exercise needs to done daily for a month.

Face Knocking Points

The face has a handful of powerful acupuncture points located:

1. At the left eyebrow’s beginning

2. At the end of the left eye’s side

3. Under the left-eye

4. Under the lip (menstum acupuncture point)

5. Directly below the nose (Philtrum area)

Knocking each of these acupoints three-times can help energize all of these points.


Mudras is the Sanskrit word for finger gestures. Your fingers contain electro-magnetic energy and each of them is associated with a specific polarity.

The thumb has no polarity
The fingers that carry a positive charge include the Middle finger and Pinky finger. Fingers that have a negative charge include the Pointy or Index finger and the Ring finger.

Opposites attract in the fingers of human beings and in magnets. Pay particular attention to your middle and index fingers, they work as a team. If you want to energize seven centers of energy’s powers, use your left hands middle and index fingers to knock seven-times at the entrance.

If you want to eliminate or lessen pain you need to remember that your right side is empowered by your left hand and your left side is influenced by your right hand.

When you feel pain on the left side of your body, you can speed up healing using your right hand’s fingers.


For emotional problems, we advise that you seek the help of psychologists or medical doctors. Manipulating these energy chakras and acupoints yourself to seek relief is no substitute for professional medical care.

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October 24th, 2017 at 5:01 am

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