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Modern Views of Bellingham Acupuncture

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The Chinese method of Bellingham acupuncture and its basic concepts were evaluated in new terms when the human body was finally described in terms of biochemicals, cells and specific structures. From a modern perspective, injuries and diseases are resolved by a complex set of responses and these responses are coordinated by several signaling systems. The signaling systems involve small biochemicals and peptides that are release to one site, interact with cells, travel to other sites and stimulate various biologically programmed responses. Diseases are understood to be caused by microorganisms, changes in DNA structures, breakdown of the immune system and metabolic failures rather than blockages of circulation described in the old Chinese views. Some of the disorders are resolved by cellular functions that are designed for healing and others become chronic diseases since the pathological factors involved have either defeated the body’s normal mechanisms. The reason behind this is that something else has weakened body’s responses to the point that they become ineffective. A good example of this would be unhealthy habits, poor nutrition and high stress those results from weakened response to disease.

A lot of modern studies have revealed that acupuncture can stimulate one or more of the signaling systems in which under circumstances increase the rate of healing responses. This is sufficient to cure diseases and even reduce its impact by alleviating symptoms. These findings explain mostly the clinical effects of acupuncture therapy. Current understanding suggests that the primary signaling system affected by acupuncture therapy is the nervous system which transmits signals along the nerves that make it up and emit several of biochemicals that influence others cells found in the body. With over 30 peptides involved in transmitting signals, the nervous system is connected to the hormonal system through the adrenal gland and makes all the connections to every cell and system of the body.

Timing is very important for many nervous system functions and this is the case for acupuncture as well. The duration of the therapy may be kept within certain limits for the stimulation of the points and it is often carried out in necessary repetition to get the desired effect and health benefits.

Written by Valerie

December 7th, 2010 at 7:00 am