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Miami Acupuncture: An Alternative Choice

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A lot of schools in the United States follow Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is a compilation of many Chinese traditions formed by Mao in 1956. Miami acupuncture which is also a form of TCM tries to reconcile the two separate branches of acupuncture and herbology in China. In China, Western Medicine has been well well-established since the turn of the century and TCM is very much aware of Western science. It is a complete system that perhaps has the best chance of interfacing with Western Medicine even though the TCM system has its limitations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine comprises Massage, Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. It treats a wide range of human illnesses from acute to chronic, holistically, acknowledging both your constitution and the nature of your illness. You can get Chinese Medicine simply to preserve good health. According to Chinese Medicine Patterns, diagnosis is done by observation, explorative questions and skillfully examining your pulse and tongue. After diagnosis the practitioner will methodically plan your treatment with Herbs, Acupuncture, TuiNa or a combination of these. Aside from that, your acupuncturists will give you appropriate advice on self-help including diet and exercise to restore or maintain your health.

How long does it take to get better with acupuncture?
In general treatment for chronic illness takes one month for every year that one is ill. Traditional Chinese Medicine is superior at preventative medicine and acute diseases should see results in 3 or 4 treatments. Patients are routinely given 10 acupuncture treatments and then they are re-assessed in mainland China. Many people come back occasionally for “tune-ups”, after they have been cured of their original complaints. Oriental Medicine means a life-long commitment to keeping one’s body and mind in balance.

If you have an acute life-threatening situation you should seek the help of Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine is proficient in treating many serious diseases but it does have its limitations. If you are terminally ill take advantage of what Western Medicine has to offer like X-rays, ultra sounds and blood tests that have no parallel in Oriental Medicine. If you decide for surgery or radiation therapy continues to see a good Oriental Medicine practitioner. He or she can help to ameliorate side effects and to help re-build your energy.

What is the modality of your TCM practitioner?
Before, one could only learn Oriental Medicine by being born into a family of practitioners or by sweeping the floors of the “masters” clinic. Now Oriental Medicine Schools in the West have allowed many of us to practice who otherwise would not have the chance. Some of the best practitioners in the world are now in the West, spreading the traditions of their home countries. For example, acupuncture has a history in France through the colonization of Vietnam. In a sense, all of Oriental modalities in the West are regional traditions which now have a chance to intermingle. It is perhaps a conceit that many Western practitioners feel that acupuncture will best thrive and grow outside the constraints and historical bondage of their home countries.

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December 10th, 2010 at 10:44 pm