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Acupuncture Miami, Ideal Treatment for Obesity

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Acupuncture has for decades, been a growing and popular program for weight loss in the United States. It is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice and together with Chinese herbal medicine, has been the most popular form of TCM in the world.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic science.  This means it treats not only the physical sickness of the human being but aims to treat the emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual dimensions of the individual.

Obesity because of its social stigma, can work huge damage to the psyche and the morale of the person.  Interestingly, the reason for many obesity problems stems from depression, stress and other psychological or emotional factors. The other factor can be genetic predisposition or genetic inheritance.  Acupuncture Miami, true to its holistic nature, not only treats the obesity but also the root cause of the disease.

Before the actual treatment, the acupuncturist talks to the patient to determine what type of treatment would be best for him/her.  Once etiology is determined, three approaches may by taken:  treatment solely by acupuncture; treatment solely by herbal medicine or by acupuncture in conjunction with herbal medicine.  More often than not, acupuncture combined with herbal medicine is chosen to facilitate or speed up the treatment process since both modalities usually complement each other.

The organs TCM usually indicates for treatment are the kidneys, liver and spleen.  The liver is the primary organ where chi stagnates due to extreme emotions, usually stress, depression, frustration and sadness.  When chi stagnates in the liver, the kidneys and spleen become directly affected causing more undesirable symptoms and manifestations such as a flushed face, sweating, constipation, weak, shallow pulse and shortness of breath among a few.

The acupuncturist inserts needles into acupuncture areas with meridians connecting to the liver, kidneys, spleen and the central nervous system.  These needles have a threefold effect:  One, the needles remove the blockage of chi in the liver allowing chi to flow smoothly around the body.  Two, the needles help release endorphins in the body to enable the patient to relax and feel complete and euphoric.  The reason for this is that it helps the patient combat food addiction, which is used by the brain to stimulate the release of endorphins.  The body needs the eating of food because it helps quell the pain of depression and sadness.  Acupuncture replaces this food addiction by helping the body release endorphins without going through this addiction and helps the body readjust itself to regulate its food indulgence.  Third, acupuncture helps tonify the liver, kidneys, spleen and other affected organs weakened by the extreme emotions.

Ear acupuncture is usually the treatment of choice since the ear has many meridians connected to the various organs and the nervous system.