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The Importance of the Kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Edina

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One of the key distinctions between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medicine lies in their understanding of the organs of the human body.  Western science defines a body organ with a specific anatomical function.  For example, the kidneys’ role lies in blood filtration or the heart’s function is for the circulation of blood, etc. TCM, on the other hand, would view the kidneys as not only an organ for filtering blood, but an integral part of the reproductive process or an organ that has an effect on the emotions of an individual; or the heart responsible not only for blood circulation but also an organ affecting the mental and emotional state of the person.

In TCM, the kidneys play a very important part in the health of the individual, a part that rivals the brain and the heart in importance.  The kidney is essential for birth, growth and reproduction.  In TCM, the kidneys are quite different in concept from the traditional western standpoint.  TCM sees the kidneys as possessing yin and yang energy.  Yin and yang are the water and fire principles that the body has interacting with each other in harmonious balance.  This dual energy is similar to the negative and positive polarity in electricity.  Since chi is energy, it possesses this yin-yang energy.  Any deficiency in either one of the two will cause illness and disease in the body.

The kidney yin-yang essence controls the sexual processes, energy, fertility and the reproductive process.  The kidney essence when balanced normally enables body growth. It controls hair, teeth and bone growth.  If the kidney essence is normal and balanced, hair growth is good and if the kidney essence is weak, hair begins to fall out, hair texture turns thin and hair color turns to gray.

TCM believes that the kidneys carry the genetic makeup of the human race and it provides the body with the needed nourishments a person needs during birth.

The kidney is fundamentally a yin organ.  This yin organ is called primordial yin or true water.  It refreshes the body with yin energy that nourishes and moistens the other body organs. Kidney yin deficiency happens when chi, the life force that flows throughout the body to keep the body healthy is blocked.  The blockage causes a number of illnesses to appear.

Kidney yang or primordial yang, on the other hand, enables warmth and energy to the body.  Strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression or sadness create blockages in the kidney meridians where chi travels. Through acupuncture Edina, this blockage is removed and the body returns to its normal healthy function without the strong emotions.  Instead of feeling these negative emotions, the body feels relaxed, light and generally good.

Written by Valerie

April 1st, 2011 at 7:47 pm

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