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Chakra Acupuncture in West Orange

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Chakra acupuncture in West Orange is a rare combination of ancient Indian and ancient Chinese medical tradition practiced for holistic treatment of the person’s spiritual, emotional, psychological and physiological dimensions. Traditional Indian medicine states that there are seven energy points of chakra. Chakra is Sanskrit word for wheel of light. These two medical approaches are some of the oriental holistic alternatives for healing people.

The seven important chakra areas are vertically oriented in the body going from the spine (coccyx), to the top of the head. On the head resides the crown and forehead chakras (also called the third eye). Some relevant chakras to note are in the throat, heart, spleen and solar plexus areas. The chakras are where spiritual energy is concentrated and each chakra affects the part of the body where it resides. This can correspond to chi meridians in traditional Chinese medicine located at areas connected to specific organs whose roles are vitally crucial in holistic traditional Chinese medicine. Each chakra corresponds to distinct spiritual energies. The crown chakra, for example, enables spiritual communication of the individual with the divine or spiritual beings in the universe.

The chakras, like chi flow, when healthy and freely moving, are vital to the optimal movement of energy throughout the body. The unbounded flow of energy in the body produces harmony and growth of the spiritual, physical and mental aspect of the person. These ideas are identical to the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Indian medicine also believes that chakras enable the harmonious balance of positive and negative forces interacting in the body.

Chi, which is the Chinese word for life force gives the body good health spiritually, physically and mentally when it is flowing throughout the body unimpeded through channels known as meridians. Chi, like electricity, has positive and negative energies, called yin and yang. An imbalance of these two forces causes sickness and disease. Acupuncture is used as treatment both to remove any blockages of chi in the body and to restore relative balance of yin and yang in the affected organs.

The principles of both Indian and Chinese medical traditions is to restore equilibrium in the body and to allow for the free flow of energy charka or chi.

Chakra healing and Chinese acupuncture are integrated into one effective and holistic treatment known as chakra acupuncture. Introducing acupuncture needles on the affected chakras immediately reinvigorates the chi or life energies by balancing the negative and positive forces or the yin and yang in the body and removing any blockages of chi or life energies to allow for the normal free flow of this energy throughout the body. Chakra acupuncture is a relatively new concept but has shown great potential in healing individuals in a safe and holistic manner.

Written by Valerie

March 11th, 2011 at 12:51 am