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Itchy Skin Prevention

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Avoiding factors that can lead to skin itching is the best way to prevent getting itchy skin. Some of the ways to keep you from getting itchy skin include:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Keeping the body clean – Taking a bath everyday is a must to keep your skin soothed and cleaned of irritants, pathogens and allergens. Cleanliness in your surrounding and in the home is a must and will help prevent pests, insects and dust mites from thriving in your environment. Keeping a clean setting is better than thinking of what medication to buy for your itch.
  • Avoid skin abrasions or cuts – We know that children are very prone to skin injuries and scratches. The important thing to do then is to keep them clean after playing by making them wash or bath at least two times a day. Regular hand wash is of paramount importance not only for your children but for anyone else to avoid contracting germs or allergens or germs that may irritate the skin.
  • Keep yourself cool or cozy during extreme temperatures – High temperature causes itchy skin. Some people who sweat because of the heat and humidity often get skin rashes that are itchy. Very low temperatures, on the other hand, can make one’s skin become scaly and make them break out in rashes as well. The room needs to be cool or cozy instead of cold or hot to make the skin soothed and comfortable.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – The right clothing should mean clothes that are loose and comfortable to wear and will not irritate or cause friction on the skin. Wearing clothing made from light material like cotton instead of clothing made from harsh or abrasive materials can prevent itch and irritation of the skin. The clothes you wear need to be also clean and washed using detergents and fabric conditioners that will not cause allergy or skin irritation.
  • Eat the right diet – Some skin irritations and conditions come from eating the wrong types of food. Wrong foods can mean foods that can cause you allergic reactions. Many people are allergic to dairy products, shellfishes, seafood, nuts and even eggs. Avoidance of these is essential if you are allergic to all or any of them. Eating an unbalanced diet can cause skin problems but not necessarily skin itching. Avoid spicy foods as well as they can also cause allergies to some people. Fruits and vegetables are the food groups that can provide essential nutrients to the skin as well as help prevent itchy skin. Eating them every day will make your skin healthy and itch-free.
  • Cosmetic products – Many cosmetic products contain heavy elements that are irritating to the skin and oftentimes will cause itching. If you are able, avoiding all types of cosmetic products is one of the best ways you can care for your skin. If you need to use cosmetics, then buy products that use all-natural ingredients and are hypoallergenic.
  • Avoid too much sunlight – Protecting your skin from harsh sun exposure can prevent irritation and damage to your skin. It is important though to get sunlight and knowing the best times to go outdoors will prevent you from getting the bad effects of sunlight. It is best to avoid the sun from around 10 am to 4 pm as these are the times when sunlight becomes too harsh on the skin. Avoid walking outdoors during these times especially during mid-Spring up to mid-Fall. If you need to go out during these times, use a sunscreen made from all-natural elements for skin protection.
  • Lifestyle changes – A poor lifestyle not only causes skin itching but can result in more serious health conditions as well. Cigarette smoking and alcoholism will weaken your body systems especially your immune and cardiovascular systems. Curtail or totally abstain from drinking alcohol and stop smoking as well if you can. Doing so will make your skin healthier making it more resilient to infections and irritations.

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February 15th, 2014 at 3:01 am

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