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Tonsillitis Prevention

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It is virtually inevitable to come into contact with individuals who possess bacteria or virus from which it spreads. Children interacting with other children who may be infected with a pathogen will usually get infected themselves especially if they have a weak immune system. Therefore, a strong immune system to resist diseases due to the eating of nutritional and healthful foods can prevent you and your child to be infected by pathogens like the ones causing tonsillitis. Try to immerse yourself with lots of vitamin c supplements or juices that at the same time possess grapes, zinc and anti-allergic qualities to prevent the rise of tonsillitis. Avoidance of other people’s body fluids (sneeze droplets, saliva and other bodily fluids) is very important in preventing tonsillitis since the pathogen that cause tonsillitis can be spread through saliva droplets and other bodily kinds of body fluids.


Another great way to prevent tonsil infection is by having good hygiene. Always make it a point to keep your hands clean by frequently washing them with soap especially just before eating a meal. If you have a family member who has tonsillitis, you and other members of the family should avoid using the toothbrush, soap, clothes, utensils, plates and spoons of the infected family member.  Drinking copious amounts of nutritional fluids and fruit juices can likewise serve as a good preventive measure particularly if one member of your family is infected.

Home Remedies

Certain home remedies can help you prevent getting tonsillitis as well.  Some of these include apple cider vinegar which you use as a mouthwash or regular tooth brushing using herbal non-fluoride toothpaste. Both these remedies can kill tonsillar bacteria in your mouth and shield you from tonsillitis infections. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for mouth gargling but you should never ever swallow the hydrogen peroxide.

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