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If You’ve Run Out Of Options with Your Psoriasis Problem, Why Not Try the Chinese Healing Art of Acupuncture

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Psoriasis can be treated by the ancient Chinese medical procedure known as acupuncture. But because psoriasis is a rare condition in China, it is rarely used as a treatment for this condition as well. So far Western medicine has no real answer for this disease. The good news is that some psoriasis sufferers who tried acupuncture state that this treatment can help soothe lesions and plagues which make the treatment worth a try.

About 2% of the population of the United States suffers from a severe form of psoriasis. A mild form of this condition is seen in about 20% of the population. Moreover, each year thousands of new cases are recorded around the world making psoriasis a significant global problem. So far, Western medicine has failed to discover the exact cause of the disease although it has been observed that the condition does not affect the upper layer of skin. Scientists suspect that psoriasis may be associated with dysfunctions in the immune system causing specific cells to become hyperactive and bring about the lesions and plagues that psoriasis is known for.

Using slender needles, acupuncturists insert these needles into acupoints that correspond to the condition. There have been a few studies that demonstrated acupuncture’s usefulness in treating the condition. However, most acupuncturists who have treated patients with this condition state that acupuncture is indeed a viable treatment for psoriasis.

If you want a cure that produces instant result, then acupuncture is not for you. For the treatment of psoriasis, it may take several treatments before you get to see results. One of the best things about acupuncture is that it has no side effects, unless of course you are squeamish about needles which then may lead to anxiety or the raising of your blood pressure. You may be delighted to know that acupuncture can now be performed small probes or mild electric currents instead of needles. These two modern procedures are just as effective as the traditional needle acupuncture treatment.

So, if you think you are all out of options when it comes to your psoriasis problems, I would highly recommend acupuncture for the treatment of psoriasis in Overland Park. It may be the answer to your long suffering problem.

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March 13th, 2016 at 1:51 am

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