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The Chinese Medicine Way to Cure Skin Itching

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Chinese medicine clinics often take care of patients suffering from acute and chronic skin itch. Skin itches can be generalized (the itching is felt in different and several parts of the body or all over the body) or localized (restricted to just one part of the body). For obvious reasons, generalized itch is harder to treat using Western modes of treatment but easy if you use herbal therapy and acupuncture treatment. Itches may also develop with or without skin lesions (e.g., blisters or bumps).

Skin conditions such as urticaria, hay weaves, psoriasis, scabies, acne, eczema, and dermatitis may cause skin itching. The itching may also come about due to anxiety, stress, and other psychological conditions. Stress can exacerbate the itch generated by other causes. These causes include blood diseases (polycythemia vera), skin infestations (body lice, and drug reactions, cancers, and endocrine and metabolic disorders (e.g., hyperthyroidism, kidney or liver disease.

Most itch sufferers however, do not have a serious underlying condition. Scratching is a natural response to Itching but it can lead a vicious cycle of itch and scratch. Scratching may at first feel so satisfying but if you scratch frequently, it may lead to an irritated skin that generate more itch and worsen the problem. It is best to avoid scratching since besides only brings you temporary relief, scratching doesn’t address the underlying cause of the itch.

Of the skin is damaged because of the scratching the skin can be infected by pathogens. If the scratching persists for months or even years, the process of lichenification (a thickening of the skin) may set in on the affected site or pigmentation can darken that part of the skin.

Listed below are the Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment methods for itching in West Orange:

Wind-Heat syndrome

Clinical Signs – in summer generalized skin itching may occur due to too much heat and can worsen when one sweats. The severe itch can lead to violent scratching that, in turn, can result in the formation of crusts, oozing of blood in the ruptured skin, insomnia, thirst, and annoyance. The pulse is rapid and slippery while the tongue looks red with thin yellow coating

Treatment Aim – stop the itch, remove wind, cool blood, and clear heat

Acupuncture points to be treated – LI11, SP10, LI4, GB20, and SJ5.

Herbs – chan tui, jing jie, niu bang hsi, Shi mu, fang feng, yin chiao, and hsiao feng san

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