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Helping Resolve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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The information age has brought rise to an epidemic of carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition causes extreme sharp pain in the hand, arm, and wrist. In really worse situations, surgery may be performed; however, one can avoid this eventuality thanks to acupuncture. This article will discuss the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Symptoms of CTS

CTS symptoms may include pain along the wrist or hand that radiates up to the elbow. The pain brought about by this condition is usually a sharp burning one. The pain may sometimes affect the hand and shoulder causing a tingling and numbing sensation in the affected palm and finger. The intensity of the pain can lead to sleeping interruptions and difficulties

Causes of CTS

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practices have a certain way of diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome. They observe the tongue and palpate the pulse in order to find out the underlying cause of your problem. You body has around six energy vessels where energy flows. If any of these vessels develop an obstruction, the flow of blood and energy will be affected causing carpal tunnel syndrome. The acupuncturist needs to find out the exact location of the obstruction for him to be able to remove it.

Finding out the location of the obstruction

When you come in for acupuncture treatment, a licensed and qualified acupuncturist in West Orange will first assess your body. This is done via the palpation of your pulse and the examination of your tongue. This helps the practitioner to locate the origin of the blockage helping him prepare for the removal of any obstructions order to treat your CTS symptoms.

The plan of treatment you get depends on your own specific needs. The aim of the treatment is to return the body to its normal functioning state of health, boost circulation, and remove the obstructions. Besides acupuncture and Chinese herbs, scrubbing, and cupping procedure may also be used.

Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome

The acupuncturist will usually recommend certain diet and lifestyle modifications whilst you are in the midst of treatment.

Tips for preventing the rise of carpal tunnel syndrome in your body

Lower you stress levels – This is one way to also alleviate arm pain. Certain energy channels on the shoulder and arm are related o the Liver, Gallbladder, and Heart systems. Stress and other emotional pressures can easily damage these organs which can lead to the weak flow of blood and energy in the channels located in the arm and wrist leading to CTS.

Try not to move your hand in repetitive motions while it is one position.

Keep your shoulders and neck in a good and warm condition.

Avoid frequently touching cold or frozen things especially during cold days and in winter.

While you are undergoing treatment, avoid eating cold or frozen foods. Also make sure you have regular and normal digestion and bowel movements.

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