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Herbs That Are Helpful in Treating Bronchitis

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The throat, nose, and sinuses are usually where bronchitis starts from and when the condition begins to affect the lung, a worse condition known as pneumonia may develop. A short-term or acute case of bronchitis usually resolves by itself within a week or two but the cough associated with this condition tends to linger a little longer.

Long-term or chronic bronchitis is usually identified by a doctor when the cough lasts persistently for a minimum of three months often combined with abundant mucus. Depending on the manifested symptoms, Western medical doctors will prescribe steroidal inhalers and/or pills, cough suppressants, and antibiotics. Naturopathic modalities and acupuncture treat bronchitis in Miami from the inside out as they target the underlying cause of the problem and then the symptoms.

Acupuncture for Bronchitis

Besides pneumonia, when left untreated, bronchitis may cause other worse and severe health issues such as chronic bronchial asthma. Long-term struggles such as chronic bronchial asthma as well as acute conditions can be resolved with the highly beneficial treatment of acupuncture particularly when the condition is seasonally related. In 1990 the journal J Tradit Chin Med published a study wherein 192 patients suffering from bronchial asthma participated and who were all given acupuncture. The results showed a 98.8% rate of effectiveness in clinical remission at a 76.5%.marked improvement of symptoms.

Chinese Herbs for Bronchitis

Chinese herbalists prescribe certain herbal formulas for treating bronchitis. These herbalists will first need to know the medications their patients are currently taking in order to determine the correct herbal prescriptions that would not interfere with the meds and even enhance their effects. Some beneficial herbs that are often prescribed for bronchitis include dandelion, pleurisy root, stinging nettle, and marshmallow root.

Nutritional Therapy

There are specific foods that can worsen or relieve bronchial symptoms. Some of the foods that have degenerative or restorative attributes feature:

Processed Foods – packaged canned foods, sugar, and white flour can overwork the system because of their toxic properties especially when they are broken down in the body. Eating fresh whole foods and staying away from processed foods can help strengthen the immune system making it function at optimal levels.

Dairy – staying away from dairy products will help your body to cope better with bronchitis and help clear away mucus in the gastrointestinal and respiratory lining.

Vegetables and Fruits– adding more of these in your diet can lessen digestive taxing on the system. Vitamin C and zinc rich foods provide much needed nutrients to strengthen the body, treat inflammation and heal the bronchitis.

Honey and Grapes– honey can help soothe stubborn cough related to bronchitis while grapes can help expectorate the mucus from the body.

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