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Get Rid of Headaches Naturally and Effectively with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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Headaches are some of the most common medical complaints heard by doctors. People’s health is affected in several various ways with headaches. This type of ailment can have a lot of different forms including tension headache, cluster headache, and migraines. There are many different kinds of headaches such as migraine, cluster, and tension headaches. One form of medicine that has been used to treat headaches for over two thousand years is Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Palm Harbor.

Chinese medicine and Western medicine view headaches in a different way. In Western medicine, headaches are symptomatic manifestations of a disease. The diseases that can potentially cause headaches include meningitis, head injuries, eye disorders, and trigeminal neuralgia among others. Headaches can be classified according to the attributes of their symptoms. These include clutter headaches, migraine, and tension headaches. In western medicine the modes of treatment for headaches are based on the kind of headache experienced by the person but will usually include certain forms of pain relieving drugs such as opiates or NSAIDs. MRIs and x-rays are the two most commonly used diagnostic procedures used to ascertain the type of headache of a patient.

Headaches, based on Chinese medicine theory, are not only a subjective symptom but are also considered a disease. There are also different kinds of headaches in Chinese medicine that are based on their own different kinds of pathology. A headache can be caused by an internal organ dysfunction. It may occur when the kidney, spleen, and liver are out of harmony and the essential substances in the body such as essence, blood, and energy fail to nourish the brain. In Chinese medicine, headaches can have several different causes. If you suffer from frequent or intolerable headaches, you need to see a Chinese doctor. This doctor will initially ask you certain questions about your health and the health of you family. He/she then will feel your pulse and observe your tongue to determine what kind of headache you have. A proper treatment is then performed after the correct Chinese medical diagnosis is ascertained. Treatment can be Tui Na, herbs, acupuncture or a combination of therapies.

Usually, treating headache the Chinese medical way involves the use of acupuncture. This type of medical needling procedure enables blood and energy to flow smoothly and efficiently and is extremely effective in treating headaches. Acupuncture allows blood and energy to flow better helping to reinforce the body’s self healing mechanisms. Specific acupoints are selected for treatment based on the type of disharmony, that the acupuncturist finds and the type of headache the patient suffers from. For headaches, different herbal concoctions will be developed by practitioners to help with the resolving of the headaches. The herbal formulas you use will depend on your Chinese medical diagnosis. The Chinese massage known as Tui na can be used in conjunction with acupuncture to augment the effects of the treatment. For severe headaches, there can be certain tui na manipulations that are helpful.

Overall, Chinese medicine is a viable and powerful alternative treatment for headaches.

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June 23rd, 2015 at 6:35 am

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