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Feng Shui Remedies To Offset The Negative Chi In Your Home

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As per the principles of yin and yang, as there are Feng Shui violations, so too are there remedies that can be used to neutralize the adverse effects of negative chi. Those aids pertain to the internal, external, and historical, factors of a structure.

For every Feng Shui violation that concerns the outside factors and history of a structure, there is a corresponding remedy. It can be a rapid development of a structure on a property that’s been burned to the ground. In such a situation, extract a meter of the property’s topsoil and substitute it with a new one from a good source. This is one way of balancing the negative chi and rectifying the pattern of the energy of the property. If you have a house with a rear lower than the level of the front street, at the back area of your house, install a pole with a 24-hour low wattage lamp on top that measures above the level of the street. This will help bring up positive chi at the back to a level higher than the front of the house. Reorient the house so that its entrance is on the rear. This means the living rooms and the main door are located at the back part of your home so that when entering the house this will give a psychological effect of going up instead of going down.

Property slopes downward to the rear of your house should be emptied. The back portion of your house should be filled up in order to make the back higher than the front. A straight street leads to a home at a Y- or T-junction. So as not to face the road directly, reposition the door and put up a wall to block the sha. In front of the door, you can also put in a flowing fountain in front of the door to diffuse the flow of negative chi and plant tall shrubs to soften the Chiong. If the aforementioned Feng Shui aids cannot be implemented for whatever reason, hang a convex mirror or Ba Gua on the door’s top to redirect the sha. If your house is situated at the dead end of an inverted T-junction, install a concave mirror on top of the door. House fronting a residential subdivision’s entrance. Plant shrubs and transfer the main door of your home to serve as a sha absorber. Consider moving to a more peaceful residential area if your house is located in an industrial complex.

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Written by Valerie

December 25th, 2018 at 5:13 am