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The Re-Emergence of Gua Sha Therapy In China

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Scraping therapy or gua sha therapy started out as a form of folk medicine in China. Wei Yi Lin, a doctor whole lived during the Yuan Dynasty wrote a book called the Effective Formulas Handed Down for Generations. In the book, the doctor wrote, “Use wet hemp to scrape the surface of the knee, wrist, neck, and elbow until there is only slight bleeding of the skin. Clothe the body with quilts and thick clothing and then feed the patient with fresh Chinese onion tea, fermented soybean and Chinese green onion decoction. This will help loosen the skin make him feel extremely relaxed.”

We Yi Lin accurately described the healing art of gua sha therapy. This process involves the scraping of the skin surface on selected parts of the body opening up the pores in order to expel toxins and accumulated waste material for the treatment of diseases and illnesses.

Expect some miliary bleeding below several layers of the skin after the scraping. Gua sha therapy started out as a folk treatment without any theoretical methodical basis. It is commonly administered for treatment of leg pain, back pain, and shoulder pain, as well as for fever, acute entero-gastritis, heat strokes, the common cold, and many others.

The tools used in gua sha therapy in Bellingham include jade tool, buffalo horn, jade tool, silver coins, chinaware bamboo plates, and various other tools with smooth edges. Prior to the scraping, the practitioner may lubricate the skin with vegetable oil, alcohol, or water.

The ancient folk treatment of gua sha therapy gradually lost its popularity with the advent of modern medical science and with the use of modern medical techniques. This was true in the major cities of China except in rural areas where there was a shortage of modern medical services. It is still used to treat simple illnesses and ailments in those regions.

Today, while people are experiencing good health, thanks to the advancement of modern medicine and the introduction of the latest medical skills, they are also being damaged by the effects of ecological disasters, pharmaceutical medications, and environmental pollution.

According to a report published by China’s Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center of the Health Ministry, in recent years, there have been about 191,000 deaths each year among hospitalized patients caused by the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. In China, medication-related deaths are ten times greater than the deaths caused by infectious diseases.

This alarming data has caused a huge dilemma in the field of medical treatment. People are starting to realize that a more serious crisis is arising as medical techniques become more advanced. This has forced medical workers to opt for natural modes of treatment rather than allopathic treatments as the new standards of medical therapies. Because of this, Gua sha or scraping therapy is becoming a preferred mode of treatment more and more due to its zero side effects, simple use, and well-known effectiveness.

Written by Valerie

December 25th, 2018 at 5:07 am