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Acupuncture Can Be A Great Way For A Person to Overcome His Depression

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Classified as a mental disorder, depression can be seen as a human condition that is natural. Depression feels like a complex and profound sadness that causes you to pause and ask questions such as “Why did that thing happen to me?” “What is he point in life?” or “Will things ever be different?” Depression is uniquely felt and experienced differently by every person but conventional medicine’s way of treating this condition is often the same; with antidepressants. This is partly because we have one label for this condition, depression, which is utilized to encapsulate the different nuances of sadness in each person’s experience. It’s a sad fact that Western Medicine never acknowledges that there are certain intricacies in a person’s sadness due to his/her own unique experiences and the different way people react to those experiences. These intricacies may be reflected in the way people express how they feel and in how they put these feelings into words.

In this regard acupuncture is not about treating each depressed person uniformly, but it requires an understanding of the patient’s unique constitution in order to help him overcome his depression. There are patients who depressed because they may be suffering from other health issues such as immune dysfunction, fatigue, pain, and digestive issues or they may be caring for a really sick parent, child or have a stressful job. The needs of the patient may vary from day to day and what worked a day ago may not be what he needs today. Emotions and feelings come and go and so the kind of acupuncture treatment each patient gets should also adapt to his/ her needs. All these should be taken into account by the acupuncturist who is responsible for designing a unique plan of treatment specifically designed to address the patient’s condition.

Human physiology was recognized already by the earliest Eastern doctors. It could be properly understood by studying the principles underlying disease and Nature in order to treat conditions. They knew the elements that compose the universe and they categorized these elements as such. These elements are Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Water. For Western doctors, these elements are representations of the chemical elements, more specifically, the elements of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.

When we observe Nature’s patterns, we can gain an insight into the patterns that lead to depression. When a person is suffering from depression the patterns are imbalanced. What needs to be released is stuck into the person’s soul. This prevents the person from advancing to a state of mind that would help him explore new experiences and vistas that will help him understand that there is more to life than the experiences of the past. Oftentimes, it is not easy to let go as some experiences are really hard to forget especially if they were really pleasant and filled with joy. But as the seasons change, so too should life. A depressed person holds on to those memories. This causes him to desire isolation and pine for a love that has gone and left.

Fortunately, acupuncture in Miami is there to help a person escape depression. It works by enabling the person to feel good once again. It is like a soothing balm to calm the mind. This treatment opens up the energy pathways of the body allowing energy and blood to flow all over the body once more, revitalizing the body and providing the person with alertness and renewed sense of vigor that will help him get off his lethargy.

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April 3rd, 2015 at 4:50 am

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