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Acupuncture Can Help Cure Acute and Chronic Eczema

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Eczema from the Viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, eczema is the result of a person’s Defensive Qi or Wei- Qi being deficient. Wei-Qi is the energy that protects your body from being infiltrated by external pathogens and has a close relationship to your skin. The Five Elements Theory, which is one among the three basic theories that comprise TCM state that the Lung is the system that is responsible for your skin (including the health of the skin). The Kidney system plays an auxiliary role in skin health maintenance and it is responsible for moistening and nourishing the skin.

Usually a person can develop eczema at a young age. This condition usually comes along with the development of asthma. Eczema can manifest in two ways: one type of eczema is caused by Damp-Heat (associated more or less with Kidneys), the other is the result of Wind-Heat (more or less related to a Lung deficiency). The common factor between these two kinds of eczema is ‘Heat’. This is the reason why in eczema you see inflammation and redness on the skin. When Wind-Heat is the cause, dry lesions will manifest and will move from place to place on your body. The movement of the symptoms is a clear sign of Wind invasion in your body. When Damp-Heat is the cause, the lesions will fluid. This is a sign that your body is suffering from Dampness. The lesions are limited to certain parts of your body including the lower legs and forearms in a Damp-Heat type of eczema.

Treating eczema with Acupuncture in Maitland

Acupuncture treatment for acute eczema cases particularly if the eczema is caused by Wind-Heat is fairly easy to treat since the pathogenic factor has barely time to settle in the body. However, most cases of eczema in the United States are chronic because Western modes of treatment to treat this condition have proven unsuccessful allowing the eczema to fester for a long time. Like acute eczema, chronic or long-term eczema can be easily treated with TCM and acupuncture although a longer treatment time may be needed compared to the treatment for acute eczema.

Nourishment of your Lungs and Kidneys is the main treatment protocol in curing eczema. This is combined with the nourishment of your Blood when it is suspected that you have Blood deficiency and Wind in your body. If needed, Dampness should be also resolved.


To protect your skin from eczema you need to avoid eating the flowing foods:

-Spicy foods
-Fried foods
-Dairy products

It is also recommended that you protect your skin from the wind and cold.

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