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Acupuncture As A Treatment For Various Eye Problems

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Occasionally used as an alternative treatment for eye conditions, acupuncture has given many people certain benefits and results with regards to the overall health of their eyes. Acupuncture is helpful in treating dry eye syndrome and other eye condition, certain clinical studies have shown.

What is Acupuncture?

A mode of treatment that involves the sticking of thin needles into specific points of a person’s skin, acupuncture is still somewhat a mystery to many scientists who are not sure exactly how and why this treatment works though it has demonstrated that it can alleviate pain and treat nausea caused by cancer “treatments.” Believed to have originated in China, acupuncture’s history was uncovered by researchers studying ancient documents in Korea and in Japan. The aim of this treatment is to restore health and balance through the control of the flow of vital energy which the Chinese refer to as Qi. This Qi flows in the body through energy channels known as meridians that run all over the body. These meridians are distinct from the blood vessels and nerve pathways that carry blood and nerve signals respectively. Scientists have discovered that neurotransmitters in nerves are stimulated when a needle is inserted near or on a meridian producing certain health benefits to the body.

Acupuncture for the Treatment of Eye Conditions in West Orange

Chinese medicine believes that the when the body suffers from a certain imbalance, it may manifest as an eye disease or problem. The symptoms that result from this imbalance can be successfully addressed with acupuncture. Acupuncture for the eye mainly focuses on improving the flow of blood and Qi around the eyes. The treatment can be used an alternative modality for chronic dry eye syndrome. Research done on acupuncture eye treatment show that the treatment can reduce the temperature of the surface of the eye which helps to lessen evaporation of the tears throughout the day. This treatment is sometimes also utilized for glaucoma, a disease affecting the optic nerve. Glaucoma oftentimes results from increased pressure in the eye. A certain study indicated that eye pressure significantly lessened after acupuncture was given. One other study revealed that acupuncture was able to successful treat inflammatory eye disease and eye allergic symptoms.

Acupuncture Points around the Eyes

For the improvement of eye health, the following meridians points are used by acupuncturists for treatment:

GB 1 or Tongzilla – This point is believed to help brighten eye sight. It is used to treat conjunctivitis (sore eyes), cataracts, dry eyes, light sensitivity, eye pain, redness, and headache. The Tongzilia is found on the outside corner of the eye.

SJ 23 or Sizhukong – Used in the treatment of facial and eye pain including facial paralysis, eye toothache, blurred vision, eye pain, redness, and headache, the SJ 23 point is situated at the outer part and hollow area of the eyebrow.

Yuyao – When this point is used, it can lead to the treatment of eye swelling, redness cloudiness of the cornea, ptosis (upper eyelid that hangs low), eyelid twitching, and eye strain. You can find the Yuyao point in the pupil right below the middle of the eyebrow.

UB 2 or Zanzhu – This point is used when one suffers from glaucoma, eye twitching, redness, tearing, pain, blurred vision, and headache. The UB 2 is found in the crease of the inner end of the eyebrow.

UB 1 or Jingming – This point is utilized for eye conditions such as blurred vision, conjunctivitis, night blindness, glaucoma, and cataracts. It is found in the eye’s inner corner. The word Jingming literally means “bright eyes.”


Until more studies about acupuncture are done, the best way to resolve eye conditions would be a treatment that combines acupuncture and Western medicine. For those who have not found traditional treatments effective for the curing of their eye problems, they should consider the safe and effective treatment of acupuncture.

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