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Using Silicone Cups For Cupping Therapy

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For thousands of years, health practitioners have been using Cupping therapy. The cups used were traditionally made of glass, a rigid delicate material. However, glass is difficult to use because the practitioner needs to start the fire within the cup and quickly apply them on the patient’s body to generate the sucking effect required to treat a condition. The healing sucking effect comes from the air cooling within the cup.

Due to advances in technology these days, cups made from silicone materials have been created that are practically unbreakable and elastic. But the best thing about them is that the amount of suction can be easily controlled by merely squeezing the cups more gently or firmly based on the needs of the patient.

This technological innovation combines modern science with a multi-millennial healing practice, bringing you the best of both worlds.

How Does Chinese Cupping Therapy Work?

In cupping therapy, the practitioner heats up the inside of a cup with fire to create a vacuum or sucking effect. The cooling of the air within the cup draws the blood, tissues, and skin from the body. Cupping therapy gently decompresses tissues and muscles. This is different from massage or acupuncture therapy which compresses the treated parts of the body. This decompression promotes the flow of lymph, tonifies tissues and the skin, increases circulation, and generates space.

Also, the procedure is quite relaxing and a lot of people who have tried it claim that it feels just like getting a deep tissue massage.

Cupping therapy is part of an ancient healing system known as traditional Chinese medicine and is often used to alleviate respiratory clogging by applying cups on the chest. Some of the health benefits of cupping are as follows:

o Promotes the flow of stagnant or sluggish moving fluids
o Increases the elasticity of tissues
o Enhances circulation

Silicone cups used in cupping are very safe to use on practically any part of the body, including the face, ankles, wrists, neck, arms, chest, stomach, back, and legs. The cups used can be of varying sizes. The smaller cups are specifically used on the wrists, neck and face and the larger cups on the wider parts of your body.

The practitioner leaves the cups on the patient’s for 10 – 20 minutes. This will produce a reddish purple blood circulation pattern on the treated part of the skin. This is the sign of the cup’s suction drawing blood to the surface of the skin, and it is part of the treatment. So, unless you want people to see those marks, tell your practitioner to not leave the cups on your skin for more than a minute.

Massaging Yourself Using Silicone Cups

Cupping therapy can be administered in a stationary manner with the cups staying in one place. It also can be done in a dynamic way by first applying body oil and then using gentle movement on the site of treatment.

After the cups are applied and the appropriate degree of suction is activated, while maintaining the air-tight seal of the cup, carefully move the cup across the length of your spine, leg, arm or other parts of your body. The gentle movement can be profound and can be felt in the deeper tissues, the same effects when you get a deep massage. This helps rejuvenate and refresh your muscles and skin and increases the flow of blood conveying fresh blood and bringing nourishment to the tissues.

You can also do Cupping therapy in the shower. Apply organic Castile soap on your calves, thighs, or arms, and then perform cupping therapy to massage those parts of the body including areas where there are stretch marks or cellulite. This will make you feel reinvigorated and refreshed!

Cupping therapy in West Orange is very affordable. It is even less expensive than a single massage session. Its effects are almost immediate. It is also very safe and can give you so many wonderful health benefits.

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August 8th, 2017 at 12:59 am

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