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Blockages, Qi Gong, and Essence Tai Chi

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In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that goes, “One is without illness when Qi flows freely along the meridians; pain follows when this flow is blocked.”

This is a fundamental aspect in Chinese medicine and reflects its wisdom that is still very true after thousands of years of practice. Some of the metaphors in Chinese Medicine need to be translated in order to be understood by people today.

Blockages and Chemical Toxins and Waste Accumulations- Sources of Chronic Diseases

In the human body a blockage can develop in any location. The stagnation or slowing of blood and qi flow in the body is a manifestation or a symptom of a blockage. So, when a blockage develops, the metabolism in the affected part of the body slows down and the localized as well as the general body structure becomes less energetic. This slow movement weakens the localized body systems making it difficult to eliminate toxins and chemical waste by lymph or blood and this in turn leads to more build up of these elements in the same area. These processes do not stop and without medical intervention, can damage the entire systems of the body. Chronic illness can develop once the local energy level goes under a certain threshold. Over time, the disease will become more and more severe if left untreated. Healthy muscles, for instance, tend to have a soft and very relaxed tone. There should be no swelling in the joint. But if your muscle tenses up and your elbow becomes swollen, pressure to the area will cause pain. These are symptoms suggesting that your elbow has developed a blockage of blood and qi.

The Meridians or Energy Channels in Chinese Medicine and the Connection between Blockage and Illness

A blockage is usually located in some part of the body when an emotional or physical illness occurs. This obstruction may not necessarily develop near or on the affected structure or organ. Chinese medicine was able to develop meridian systems that can explain most of these associations by a systematic mapping out of the acupuncture points. This is important since it allows practitioners to treat illnesses such headaches, for example, by using acupoints on the foot of the patient. The outcomes are usually immediate and profound.

Blocked Joints Do Frequently Occur

Interestingly, the joints are where most acupuncture points are closely located. And since the joints provide for movement this brings about a greater amount of stress to the joint structure than to the tissue around the joints. The circulation of blood and Qi should be adequate enough in order to resupply the energy required for joint movement. If this does not happen, a blockage develops which may be difficult for the body to treat on its own.

Opening Blockages – Treating Diseases

Our body preserves the knowledge of health blood and qi flow regardless of blockages that interrupt this flow. It regains the original healthy flow pattern of Qi once the blockages are opened and eliminated leading to the resolution of the disease. The unclosing of the blockage facilitates the pumping out of chemical waste deposits from the body through the process of sweating or excretion of body waste. Stimulation is essential in the opening up of blockages in the body. Chinese medicine practitioners achieve this through Qigong, Tuina, or Acupuncture therapy. The body is able to transport increased amounts of blood and Qi to specific parts of the body and toxins and wastes can be removed from the body once stimulation is provided. The increased energy helps pump the waste and toxins out of the body. In Qigong therapy, Qi is directly transported to the blocked area which usually opens up the area enabling toxins and wastes to be pumped out of the body efficiently and effectively.

Essence Tai Chi, a Great Way to Prevent Blockage

Being an extremely relaxing activity, Essence Tai Chi can help boost circulation and enhance breathing and metabolism. Within the deeper part of your body, Tai Chi can activate the cells, relax the joints, and massage the internal organs. When the joints are relaxed, blood and Qi can flow smoothly through the large joints and spine helping to maintain and/or promote health. On certain occasions, Tai Chi is used to cure certain illnesses. Essence Tai Chi is strongly recommended as it is a great way to boost and/or facilitate wellness and health.

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