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Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

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For many people cardiovascular health is a very important factor in their lives, focus. Unfortunately, just a few of us are aware of the powerful benefits that acupuncture can offer us to strengthen the function of this extremely important bodily system. The fact is, with the right combination of needles (also known as ‘acupuncture point prescription’), acupuncture can do wonders to the health of your heart. There are certain heart-related issues that can lead to potentially deadly outcomes. They include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and atherosclerosis. Bear in mind that even if acupuncture has been proven to improve your heart’s health, you still need follow the advice of your doctor and continue taking the drugs he/she has prescribed. Acupuncture has so many great things to offer one of which is that it can be administered along with prescription drugs. Another good thing about acupuncture is that you will never suffer from its side effects since it doesn’t have any; moreover, it can even suppress the side effects of the prescription medications you are taking.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the Heart is responsible for the circulation of blood in your body. Therefore, a weak Heart can lead to chest pain and palpitations while a healthy Heart results in well-nourished tissues in your body. However, in TCM, the Heart also has a much deeper significance as it is believed to be where the Shen or Spirit is housed.

Practitioners of TCM consider the Shen to be a very important part of your health, as it is through the Shen that you connect to the world, expressing emotional well-being, virtue, and wisdom. Therefore, problems involving your heart can also be reflected in forgetfulness, joylessness, sleep problems, and in severe instances even manic behavior.

Your Heart’s health can be mirrored in the complexion of your face, and so a rosy complexion means a healthy Heart, while a pale face will mean a weak Heart. Besides that, too much heat in the system of the Heart may result in a reddish complexion, and Heart stagnation will be expressed in a face that is purplish in color.

Stimulating certain acupuncture points located on your upper back, chest, forearm, and wrist can improve the health of your Heart. Being a holistic type of treatment TCM acupoints elsewhere on your body can also be utilized as support. Of course, following the recommendation of your doctor, you can do some light exercises on your own and also take supplements along with foods that have a bitter taste to them, since bitterness is a flavor related to the Heart. And of course, joy is an emotion also related with the Heart so, therefore, you need to bring in lots of joy in your life.

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December 20th, 2016 at 12:26 am

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