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Acupuncture Is An Ideal Remedy For Severe Muscle Cramping

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Muscle cramps or spasms, which some whimsically call charley horse are reflex or involuntary muscle contractions that are usually very painful but not dangerous. If this pain is so severe and endures for a certain amount of time, you should be examined by a doctor. Based on their research, the NIH or National Institutes of Health notes that muscle spasms can be experienced by anyone at some time. Various parts of the body are likely to suffer from muscle cramps. They can include the jaw, feet, shoulders, neck, thighs, stomach, lower legs, arms, hands, and even around the rib cage area. There are a number of self help remedies to heal those mild occasional muscle spasms, but for frequently occurring, really severe spasms, acupuncture can be the best treatment for it.

Muscle Spasms

You can suffer from muscle spasms due to certain factors. These may include anatomical anomalies, stress, diet, overuse, misuse, and injury. Stretching prior to arduous sports or workouts such as tennis, swimming or running can prevent the onset of cramps. Some dietary factors such as inadequate amounts of calcium and potassium in the body or dehydration are also preventable causes. Spasms that are extremely painful or keep on recurring can be the result a structural problem, prolonged stress, a herniated disk or any other injury to may need urgent medical attention.


Having been around for over 2.500 years, acupuncture has for centuries, been very popular in Asia and Europe. In the United States, it has risen in prominence for over four decades. Because of this huge public demand, several clinical studies have been done in order to gauge and validate the claims of acupuncturists and their patients. In a work done by the National Health Interview Survey in 2007, 150,000 US children and 3.1 million adults underwent acupuncture in 1996.

In Tokyo, the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Nippon Dental University conducted a study involving a group of people suffering from muscle pain in the jaw in which two treatments, fake or sham acupuncture and real acupuncture treatment was compared. From the study, it was revealed that both treatments lessened muscle pain. Acupuncturists refer to any point in the body with pain as a pain point or “ashi” point. There have been studies that erroneously refer to this point as a “sham” acupuncture point. In a real or actual acupuncture treatment practice, any point on the body is considered a “real” acupuncture point.

Although a lot of so-called experts believe that more studies are needed to determine acupuncture’s efficacy, much better ways of doing those studies is also needed.


Acupuncture is a treatment involving the sticking of filiform needles into various parts of the skin in order to treat a slew of health conditions. Practiced today, a typical acupuncture treatment still involves diagnostic procedures and treatment that has been performed since the dawn of civilization. Today, the needles used are sterile, disposable, single-use stainless steel needles.

For the treatment of muscle spasms, acupuncture treatment in Miami includes a comprehensive physical examination and a time wherein the doctor interviews the patient. The practitioner may strive to re-create the spasm by requesting that you do the position or movement that produces the pain in order to properly diagnose and resolve the problem. A specific acupoint (“ashi” point) or a point where the pain is exactly felt may be selected by the acupuncturist who then sticks a needle into it. Both approaches are deemed effective and proper within the realm of acupuncture. If needed, the treatment can include electro-stimulation to the treatment. This would entail connecting small wires to the needles that would dispatch tiny micro-currents to the muscle in order to relax it. Most patients find this procedure extremely enjoyable which is rarely painful.


When undertaken by a qualified practitioner, acupuncture is deemed to be quite safe with very little risks. The use of acupuncture needles is regulated by the government. It mandates that acupuncturists must use needles that are single-use only and sterile. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers acupuncture needles as well as electro-stimulation as Class II medical devices. For safety reasons, they should never be self-administered as they may be used inappropriately, which can end up in infection or injury. For pregnant patients, those with a history or seizures, or have a pacemaker, electro-stimulation is contraindicated.


Before going for acupuncture treatment, ask your doctor first if it’s appropriate for you. It is very important to seek a licensed and reputable acupuncturist. You may ask your doctor for referrals. It is the duty of your acupuncturist to tell you whether your treatments are covered by your insurance and how many sessions you may need. Keep in mind that even though acupuncture can be a powerful solution for your condition, it’s still not a substitute for the medical care provided by your doctor.

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