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The Way Out of Cigarette Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is such a difficult habit to break that even drug addicts say that quitting drugs is much easier to do than stopping cigarette smoking.  Unfortunately, there are a great number of people all over the world who are smokers but lack the strength to cease from this habit.  Most of these people have planned to wean themselves out of this nicotine addiction but do not where to begin or what treatment path to take.  Herbal formulas are widely available to help lessen the impact to health of cigarette smoking.  The herbal treatments are a great way to start on the path to complete and permanent smoking cessation.  This article will mention a couple of approaches that can help a person break his smoking habit.

There are so many kinds of herbs that many say are quite effective in controlling smoking urges.  Lobelia is one of them. It is an herb that is commonly included in smoking aids.  It has the ability to neutralize withdrawal discomforts because of its active ingredient, lobeline.  Several researches have shown that the application of lobelia greatly help cigarette smokers by causing a pleasant feeling and a better mood, sensations that nicotine itself produces in a person.  The drawback to this is that lobelia is quite toxic and should only be used only under the guidance of a natural health professional or a doctor.

St. John’s wort also is an herb that can be helpful in stopping cigarette smoking.  This herb is often applied to individuals who suffer from depression but various researches have shown it also to be beneficial for smoking cessation.  Unlike lobelia, St. John’s wort is considered a safe herb to take.  The drawback to it though is that it often affects and neutralizes the benefits of prescription drugs for other health problems.  To avoid this, it is advisable to talk to a natural health professional or to your doctor first before embarking on this treatment.

Another helpful procedure for ending cigarette smoking craving does not involve any drugs, herbs or any chemicals.  This procedure is called acupuncture.  Acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years as treatment for many kinds of emotional, psychological and physical conditions.  It is also a great and effective way to neutralize the smoking craving.  Hair thin needles are inserted into certain parts of the body and they help people control and neutralize their cigarette smoking urges.  Acupuncture points on the ear are often selected to control smoking urges.  Treatment may last for at least 20 minutes or more.

Cigarette smokers often need to several sessions of acupuncture to help the kick the habit completely.  Acupuncturists will offer other drug-free solutions that facilitate the weaning out process and to help you better manage your cravings in between sessions.

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Written by Valerie

April 29th, 2012 at 12:56 pm