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Natural Approaches for Smoking Cessation

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Natural approaches to help stop cigarette smoking are more or less designed to give relief from the effects of withdrawal symptoms.  Nicotine, an active ingredient in cigarettes is highly addictive and people who want to rid themselves of cigarette smoking often need external help to successfully battle this addiction.  Some natural approaches are very helpful to quit smoking and they are sometimes enough for the person to convert from a smoker to a non-smoker.  Yes, there are conventional treatments and kits and over the counter products and stuff that can aid in stopping smoking but the natural alternative approaches are by far the better, safer and more effective methods around today.

Drug-free therapies usually comprise the natural therapies that are offered to stop smoking permanently.  These treatments are often times holistic in nature and they aid the person not only in terms of physically stopping the addiction but curing the patient of the psychological and emotional aspect of the addiction as well.  Rather than using Western pharmaceutical drugs, natural therapies often rely on herbal formulas and ancient healing procedures to quit the smoking habit.  These natural approaches often talk about rectifying the imbalances in the body and treating the harm caused by smoking to the person’s health.

Most herbs are safe to use.  They provide prompt relief to the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.  Ginseng has many beneficial qualities and can alter the ability of nicotine to produce a feel-good chemical in the body called dopamine.  Lobelia and ginger are very good in reducing nausea and helps the body relax and feel calm as well. This effect greatly lessens or removes the heightened anxiety of a person who is on the withdrawal symptom phase.  Lobelia is widely popular for treating cigarette smoking withdrawal symptoms such as hunger, poor and irritability.  Lobelia has contents of alkaloids that neutralize the effect of nicotine in the brain.  St john’s wort more known to help address depression can be effective, through its anto-depressant ability to regulate craving and mood of the cigarette smoker.

Acupuncture Miami is a procedure that uses filiform needles, which focus on the energy points of the body to restore energy balance in the body.  One of the bad effects of smoking is that the body experiences imbalance inside it.  Acupuncture will effectively correct the imbalance by removing the blockages in the energy vessels and redirecting the flow of energy as well as help control the cigarette smoking craving in a much better and less arduous way.  Oftentimes for cigarette smoking ear acupuncture is the procedure practiced by the acupuncturist which is also good in the treatment of behavioral and chemical addiction.  With acupuncture, the patient can lessen the smoking craving greatly by producing “feel good” chemicals that help the person minimize the urge to feel good through smoking.

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May 6th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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