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The Great Benefits of Acupuncture Orlando

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Our modern system of living has made us so focused in acquiring more money or in trampling the competition that there is no more or very little time for our family and for ourselves.  The average Joe now is overworked and overstressed.  Too much stress greatly weakens the health of the individual.  To combat stress and its negative effects, doctors turn to allopathic treatment that inhibits the stress symptoms but weakens the immune system and make the body more vulnerable to disease.

It is very comforting to know that the world has a safer way available for it to combat the stress in our body.  This way is nothing more than acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture Orlando is an ancient Chinese medicinal art that inserts ultra thin needles in body parts called acupuncture points, which run along energy vessels known as meridians.  Meridians are where life energy known as chi travel.  These energy vessels supply chi throughout the body especially the major organs.  When a person experiences extreme stress, chi and blood stagnates depriving the body which much needed blood and energy. As a result of this, sickness and ailments arise.

Stress reflexively puts the body into a flight or fight response.  In this state, cortisol is secreted which promotes in the person negative types of reactions which include bowel syndrome, PMS, body and head aches, depression, muscle pain in the shoulders and neck, sleeplessness, frustrations, anger and irritation.  These reactions increases blood pressure and weakens the immune system.  They also promote contempt for life and burn out the desire for living.

When acupuncture treatment for stress is done on a highly stressed individual, muscles and tissues and muscles get stimulated that aids in the movement of blood and chi. Acupuncture also stimulates the brain to produce release the body’s natural painkillers known as serotonins and endorphins which gives the body a feeling of deep relaxation which essentially removes stress.  Acupuncture as part of its work also lowers the level of cortisol in blood, detoxifies the body and greatly improves blood circulation.  It lessens the activity of the sympathetic nervous system greatly lowering blood pressure and regulating heart beat.

A patient experiences deep soothing comfort with just one session which often lasts 40 minutes to an hour.  The treatment is so relaxing that patients often fall asleep during the procedure.  The improved circulation of blood helps the muscles to relax removing muscle tension and stiffness thereby removing the pain and aches they entail.  The blood circulation also relieves the migraine pains and headaches of the patient.  The blood circulation improvement also provides more oxygen to the blood and cells thus providing the body with more energy to burn.

Be sure to get treatment from a licensed acupuncturist to avoid any painful procedures and other problems that may occur under the hands of an unlicensed and poorly trained acupuncturist.

Written by Valerie

January 30th, 2012 at 1:58 am