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Stop Smoking with Acupuncture Jacksonville

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Acupuncture Jacksonville is a uniquely Chinese way of treating ailments and diseases.  This ancient medical art is practiced in the Orient, in Europe and in the United States.

Acupuncture is a great way to remove the desire to smoke.  For most holistic health specialists, it is their preferred treatment method of helping their patients to permanently stop smoking.  The success rate of acupuncture for smoking cessation is an incredible 90%.  Acupuncture can help the patient control the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting using an addictive substance.  It induces a feeling of tranquility and calmness which helps neutralize the nicotine craving.  This is all done without the need for medications that cause side effects and other harm to the body.  In fact, acupuncture even enhances body functions and helps revitalize the body with renewed energy.

The outer ear is often the site where the needles are applied for nicotine addiction.  The treatment is not painful and in fact somewhat soothing.  Ion pellets may be used and attached on the ear.  When the patient feels the craving to smoke, all he/she needs to do is touch and rub the pellet to remove the craving.  The touching and rubbing of the pellet on the ear stimulates the production and release of endorphins (the same effect as the needles) coming the central nervous system. Endorphins are the body’s own natural “painkillers and “feel-good” chemicals.  Science has measured their potency as thousands of times stronger than morphine in removing pain or stress. Typically, it takes around 4 or 5 visits to an acupuncturist to permanently stop smoking.

Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health organization (WHO) as an effective treatment for 47 kinds of health ailments one of which is nicotine addiction.

Obviously people in the United States will try conventional methods in trying to quit smoking since acupuncture for smoking cessation is virtually unknown in that country.  Therapies such as nicotine patches do not really cure, in fact they just continue with the addiction albeit in a different way.  Acupuncture, on the hand, completely rids the body of the toxins that cause the cravings and health problems and enables the body to heal itself in a natural and safe way.

Once the toxins that harm the body are removed, the body experiences renewed energy and at the same time a feeling of calmness and relaxation.  Acupuncture improves blood circulation, relaxes tight muscles and regulates body functions helping the body get adequate sleep and boosting the immune system as well.  It removes tension and stress in the nervous system caused by poor lifestyle choices and poor diet.  When the individual is cured of his/her smoking, changes in lifestyle and diet should be considered to make the body stronger, healthier and much more resilient to diseases.

Written by Valerie

January 22nd, 2012 at 8:42 am

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