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The Best Treatment for Endometriosis is Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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A gynecological condition that can lead to extreme stomach and pelvic pain, endometriosis can also result in infertility, and/or heavy menstrual bleeding. Oftentimes, not until the woman has showed symptoms for several years, Western medicine will only be able to make a diagnosis of this condition. Furthermore, Western medicine can confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis only by surgery.

Pain is mild in some sufferers who may be aware that they have endometriosis only because of exploratory surgery performed to find out the reason for their infertility. Some women may feel significant pain that would impact their lives a few days each month while others may experience severe pain that may force them to get out of bed, strain their relationships, and/or miss work.

The pain may be experienced during a bowel movement, urination, sexual activity, or ovulation. There are women who may have to endure the pain at unpredictable times, randomly, or even every day.

Unfortunately, Western medicine has no cure for women with endometriosis and there is little it can offer them other than to manage the pain through the use of anti-inflammatory medications, pain killers, hormonal drugs, or surgery. And because this condition tends to come back, sufferers have to endure decades of their lives struggling with infertility, and taking painkillers and hormonal drugs.

In certain cases, patients have to go through several operations; for some, this can be as frequent one surgery every nine months. Besides that, endometriosis, oftentimes come with other conditions such as immune system dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. For a lot of women, the situation seems hopeless

Can Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Cure Endometriosis?

One can understand the despair that endometriosis can cause for any woman who has experienced the painful symptoms of this disease. A lot of Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in Overland Park who specialize in treating endometriosis have developed an effective plan of treatment that can drastically lessen any infertility problems, bleeding, and pain.

The 5,000 year-old Chinese healing technique of acupuncture comes with no side effects, is less costly, less risky, and far less invasive than pharmaceutical medications or surgery. One does not require a surgical diagnosis of endometriosis in Chinese medicine in order to effectively treat it. This is because Chinese medicine does not make a distinction between endometriosis and other diseases with the same symptomatic presentation.

However, this type of medicine does make a distinction when it comes to signs and symptoms patterns that mark the uniqueness of each patient’s disease. Through these patterns, one can identify the root cause of the disease or the underlying imbalance of the condition. This is how Chinese medicine comes up with a diagnosis which leads to a formulation of a treatment plan that would address both the signs and symptoms of the patient and her underlying root problem.

Some acupuncturists may ask the patient if she experiences recurring vaginal infections; when the pain is most experienced; whether pressing on the lower stomach makes it worse or better; whether the pain is stabbing, sharp, fixed, down bearing, or dull; or whether the application of cold or heat help improve the symptoms. The practitioner may also ask questions about your menstrual cycle. The information you provide will give the practitioner an idea about your underlying energetic imbalance and the Chinese medicine treatments (nutritional therapy, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture) to be used to resolve the problem.

The treatment of endometriosis also requires the inclusion of nutritional therapy. This therapy strengthens the body’s ability to create natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can prevent the development of the disease. Also, practitioners desire to lower estrogen levels naturally by supporting the liver. This organ controls the detoxification of excess estrogen which helps reduce the symptoms, since endometriosis is estrogen-driven. Foods to avoid since they tend to elevate estrogen levels in the body include animal protein, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Foods that can help regulate estrogen levels and therefore are recommended for eating include high-fiber whole foods, and fresh vegetables & fruits. Your acupuncturist may also need to examine you to see if there is a systemic yeast overabundance in your stomach the may contribute to the dysfunction and inflammation.

Endometriosis patients should remember that for their specific disease pattern, they should take the proper Chinese herbal formulas. The herbal remedies can naturally regulate the immune system function, balance hormones, relieve pain, nourish vital organs, and help detoxify the body.

Endometriosis patients would need to undergo one acupuncture treatment each week for six weeks to a couple of months. Then, possibly prior to ovulation and menstruation, a couple of monthly treatments may be still required. The aim of the treatment is to rectify imbalances to Qi energy, normalize blood flow, and of course, relieve pain.

Most patients with endometriosis tend to have a 50% to 100% resolution of their symptoms after three to six months of treatment. The benefits of the treatment can include an overall better health, stronger immunity, increased fertility, and a decrease in bleeding and pain. Chinese medicine and acupuncture help prevent or lessen the recurrence of endometriosis for people who have had surgery.

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