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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

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For over 4,000 years TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating diverse forms of illnesses and maintaining health. The Chinese and other people in East Asia have relied on this versatile modality for centuries. Two of the most popular TCM treatments in Palm Harbor are acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. They have been used for ages to help with a variety of ailments, from the serious ones to the not so serious including heart diseases, diabetes, depression, cholesterol, cancer, arthritis to wrinkles, excess weight, menopause, insomnia, dandruff, cellulite and acne.

Ying and Yang

TCM practitioners believe that Qi or organ energy imbalances may result in health conditions. Their treatment approach is fundamentally different from Western medicine treatments. The human body, from the viewpoint of TCM, is grounded on the holistic understanding of the universe as espoused by Taoist philosophy. Their treatment of illnesses is mainly based on the differentiation and diagnosis of syndromes. TCM’s goal is to harmonize and adjust Yin and Yang – which are the principles of body and mind, cold and heat, and wet and dry. Treatment is attained by the normalization of Qi and Blood and Moisture in the Organ channels. Dryness is then moistened, agitation is calmed, tightness is loosened, cold is warmed, heat is cooled, and congested channels are opened to flow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Its Advantages

Western medicine has as very different viewpoint and angle in its approach to well being and health. Rather than proactive, it is reactive. Symptoms and science and are its primary drivers. Western medicine dissects and examines to understand the body’s health problems and strives to utilize external therapies such as synthetic medications to treat a condition. On the other hand, TCM concentrates on the reasons for the dysfunction of the body and utilizes specific herbal formulas to restore and rejuvenate the body to its natural state. Synthetic medications, in the long term, always create harmful side effects and cause other diseases to develop whilst treating the other.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Its Disadvantages

TCM is not a perfect healing art and it has also some shortcomings of its own one of which is that it lacks clinical research in the field of heavy metals and toxins. This is due to the fact that when TCM was established, there was no epidemic of toxic chemicals and industrial waste and pollution like what we’re now witnessing today. One other disadvantage is the lack of standardization when dealing with traditional Chinese herbs as well as the potential toxicity that some of these herbs possess. Several instances of potentially dangerous levels of mercury and arsenic in TCM medicines have also been verified. If you are buying Chinese medicines, it is advisable to purchase them from reputable sources that are known to adhere to strict local health certifications and meet the guidelines set by the FDA.

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October 11th, 2016 at 11:48 am