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Some Ways To Treat Depression and Anxiety

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Most therapists and doctors will prescribe patients suffering from mood disorders drugs.  A few may suggest scientific techniques such as electroconvulsive therapy, vagus nerve stimulation or transcranial magnetic stimulation for their patient’s depression or anxiety.  These may be all advanced techniques for the treatment of depression and anxiety but like drugs, they have serious body side effects and furthermore these side effects have long term effects which medical researchers have still little knowledge about.  If you are looking for ways to treat your mood disorder with less or no side effects, you may consider the alternative treatments for anxiety and depression including acupuncture, cardio exercises and meditation which are some of the truly safe and effective approaches to remove stress and extreme negative emotions such as depression and anxiety.

Acupuncture Miami – Acupuncture has no equal in terms of versatility and effectiveness in treating dozens of health conditions.  Some of the conditions acupuncture can treat are anxiety and depression and this has been validated by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health by officially endorsing acupuncture as a valid treatment for anxiety and depression.   Acupuncture works on so many physiological levels in treating these negative emotions.  A qualified and well-trained acupuncturist uses hair thin needles inserted into strategic points in the body to regulate the physiological systems of the body and improve the flow of energy in the body.

Cardiovascular Exercises – Many people run and are active because it makes them happy.  It is a proven fact that cardio exercises including swimming, brisk walking, jogging and running, are extremely effective remedies for depression and anxiety.  This has been proven time and time again by scientists and psychiatrists.  Their researches have concluded that people who perform daily exercise are not easily prone to experience depression and anxiety.  These researchers have observed that exercise effectively neutralizes the stress or “fight-or-flight” hormones of people suffering from anxiety.  When performing arduous workouts the body organs function efficiently and the hormones are properly regulated.  This is important for emotional balance since an imbalanced hormonal function often causes emotional negativity.  Exercising for at least 20 minutes helps produce endorphins, which are the body’s “feel-good” chemicals and the body’s serotonin level is also elevated which effectively banishes any feelings of depression in the person.

Meditation and Breathing Exercises – It is a statistical fact that people who engage in breathing exercises and meditation live happier, placid and longer lives.   Meditation and deep breathing exercises relaxes the muscles and allows the mind to remove any heavy emotions that cause the muscles to tense in the first place.  When one is in this state, endorphins and other calm producing hormones are released removing any anxiety and depression in the mind.