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Some Ways to Stop Smoking in Orlando

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It is time to stop smoking for good.  Time to rid your lungs of toxins and tar accumulated from several years of smoking.  There are many ways to do this and many of them are tried and tested to help you stop your smoking addiction.  There are only a few advantages to smoking as opposed to its tremendous negative impacts to your health.  When you smoke, you increase the risk of acquiring lung and heart problems.  Furthermore, smoking cigarettes not only affect you but also those people living with you including your loved ones and family.  Most cigarette smokers are aware of this problem but find it hard to break their addiction.  Once they start smoking a cigarette a lot of people become addicted to it. Listed below are just some of the effective approaches to smoking cessation.

  1. Self-Discipline – Some people are just inherently strong enough to will themselves out of cigarette smoking.  You may have the discipline, will and fortitude to do so and only if you really do want to cease smoking.  One tip to help yourself stop smoking is to set a time period when you intend to smoke your last cigarette.  After that, throw away all things which may remind you of cigarette smoking including ashtrays, lighters and of course cigarettes.  You also need to avoid being with people who smoke since their weakness may just pull you back in that bad habit. You can also seek help from other procedures like acupuncture Orlando or hypnosis to aid you in your battle to stop smoking.
  2. Medications – Some of these procedures include nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and prescription medications.  NRT gives you the addictive nicotine that causes you to be hooked to cigarettes without actually smoking.  The trick is to taper off the NRT day by day until the body is completely weaned off the nicotine addiction.  NRT drugs can be easily bought in your local pharmacy or grocery store.  Some of these drugs are in the form of lozenges, inhalers, chewing gum or skin patches.
  3. Hypnotherapy – With hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind can be manipulated to take away the urge to smoke. You need to consult with a licensed and professional hypnotherapist to ascertain if this approach is the best for you.  When you undergo hypnotherapy, you go into a relaxing and deep trance and the hypnotherapist puts in some suggestions in your head that will remove your urge to smoke.
  4. Acupuncture – Acupuncture can also help decrease your cigarette intake regularly until you are completely off of it.  This therapy involves the insertion of needles at specific pressure points on the hands, mouth, wrists and ears.  The therapy is relatively painless especially if performed by a licensed acupuncturist.  Withdrawal symptoms are greatly mitigated by this therapy.

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April 14th, 2012 at 10:17 pm

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