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Qigong Can Help Cure And Even Reverse Osteoporosis

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If you are aware about the incapacitating bone disease known as osteoporosis, you’ll also realize that it is a chronic and incurable disease. You may be aware that this condition prevents calcium from being absorbed by the bones causing them to become brittle over time. Because of osteoporosis, your body cannot absorb calcium no matter how much of it you try to supplement your diet.

As a result of this disease, Joan Foo lost 40 percent of her bone density up until the time she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After her diagnosis and sick and tired of living a sedentary life, she decided to try qigong and attended a Qi gong class. For Ms Foo, this was the turning point in her life. After a year of Qi gong practice, her physicians were flabbergasted and dumb founded to see that not only was the disease halted, it had reversed itself.

Qi gong also called chi kung was originally practiced by peasants, who used this healing tradition to relax and reinvigorate themselves after a long hard day’s work. At night, they would relax and enjoy the cool air of the night.

As they relaxed and wound down, they became conscious of an energy surrounding them, which was somehow related to the mind and to their breathing and were able to move around their bodies.

Whether one believes it or not, this energy exists and the Chinese healers and philosophers would refer to it as chi, which means vital energy or life-force.

Without knowing too much about qi gong, anyone can feel this energy. To perceive chi, a person could hold his hands directly in front of him with his palms facing down. He needs to visualize water flowing from the top of his shoulders to the tips of his fingers and beyond, almost like when they’re showering and water is flowing down their arms and out of their fingertips. If, for twenty seconds or so, he visualizes water flowing out of his fingers, he might feel his hands becoming warm or be able to feel a tingling sensation in the hands. By inhaling deeply for two seconds and then exhaling for six, he may able to feel this force growing in his hands.

Now that you realize chi exists, , you may realize find that by breathing and moving is a certain way this chi help eliminate hangovers, depression, backaches, headaches, and a slew of other conditions.

The millions of cells in your body know precisely how to heal itself. Qi gong offers the technique for the body to achieve it. You can perform Qi gong if you allow yourself five or ten minutes a day for it.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

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July 16th, 2019 at 1:36 pm

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