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Acupuncture Miami, One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight

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At 40 years of age and beyond, the body’s ability to burn calories efficiently begins to wane.  The metabolism of our body weakens and as a result we need to do things twice harder on things or activities we did when trying to lose weight.  In other words, losing weight at age 40 and above can be become much more difficult to accomplish because of the aforementioned reasons.  Oftentimes, out of sheer frustration after doing long arduous minutes of very hard workouts, we see a mere fraction of weight loss compared to a pound or more that would have been shed during our younger years and we start to think that if all of these workouts are still worth the pain of losing merely a minute amount of weight.

For those who rarely or do not workout at all, dieting can be a less stressful way to lose weight.  The problem with this type of weight loss is that oftentimes the urge to overeat is always felt when we diet and it is highly likely that we give in to this urge.  It takes a strong will to be able to go through the first few days of dieting especially when food served in front of you are those that are the ones you love to eat.  Eating highly nutritious foods that can make you satisfied quickly with just a relatively few amounts of food intake is the best type of diet you can choose to help you lose weight.

Another way to shed kilos is by taking drugs that are designed to suppress your appetite.  This probably is the easiest way to lose weight.  The problem with this technique is that when used regularly, the potency of the drugs wanes and you will need larger doses when the regular dose is not enough to quell your cravings.  Furthermore and the worst part is that these pills contain toxins that cause harmful side effects to the body and when used in the long term can lead to kidney and liver problems as well.

One other way to lose weight that is not part of the mainstream weight loss programs is acupuncture for weight loss.  This treatment does not involve exercise dieting or drugs.  It is a novel form of weight loss treatment and a potent one in its own right.

Acupuncture Miami believes that all the pain and health conditions in our body stems from the imbalance of chi energy in the body.  When obstructions in the energy vessels (called meridians) arise, chi slows down or stops flowing resulting in chi deficiency in the deprived areas.  Acupuncture needles are used to unblock those meridians and allow chi to travel unimpeded and normally once more.  For slow metabolism and poor nutrient absorption leading to more eating and weight gain, acupuncture treats the imbalances in the digestive and hormonal organs to allow the body to work absorbing nutrients and burning calories efficiently once more.