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The Meridians Role in Health

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that meridians are invisible energy vessels that convey chi to all parts of the body.  These meridians run across the nervous system and travel from the brain to the tail bone, shoulder, lower extremities and the limbs of the body and transport energy which the Chinese call chi as well as blood throughout the body.

Chi is the force the makes the body live.  Chi is the energy found throughout the universe.  Without chi, there is no life.  Chi may manifest and be found in different forms of creation.  Chi of the animal kingdom is different from chi of the plant and human kingdom.  There may be actually countless manifestations of chi throughout the universe.  The meridians or energy vessels are all connected to the brain.  A meridian is often connected to a certain organ in the body.  TCM believes that an organ has functions other than those known by Western medical science.  We can see the kidneys as an example where Western medical science sees as an organ that filter toxins and clean the bloodstream control.  In TCM, the kidneys are organs that control sexuality, growth and reproduction and regulate the water aspect of the body.  Meridians functions like the blood vessels in the body except for that the meridians carry energy while the blood vessels carry blood.

The meridians sometimes can lead to blockages which causes chi stagnation.  The stagnation or blockages are caused by many factors some of which may be pollution, toxicity, unhealthy lifestyle, injuries, accidents, depression, anxiety and stress.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees psychological, emotional, physical and physiological conditions as factors that can cause chi stagnation in the meridian system.  TCM always treat health conditions holistically and provides solutions to the person in a holistic manner.  This type of treatment is a very practical approach in addressing human health conditions since many types of physical diseases and illnesses are caused by psychological and emotional conditions.  We can appreciate this statement by seeing that drug addiction or extreme food cravings can be the result of depression, anxiety or stress.  TCM makes it a point to determine the organ or organs that have imbalances which may cause the psychological or emotional problem.

When the problematic organ is identified, the acupuncturist then applies filiform needles to the meridians associated with the organ that has energy imbalance.  Oftentimes these organs govern the psychological and physiological processes of the body.  As mentioned, drug addiction may be the result of emotional or psychological stress or problems.  When the addiction is treated by acupuncture the root cause of the addiction is healed as with its symptoms. Acupuncture Edina is a treatment that helps control the craving or addiction to a certain substance and also treats the withdrawal symptoms caused by the addiction.

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June 4th, 2012 at 3:45 am

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