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Five Causes of Kidney Yang Deficiency In Women

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Sometime during their child bearing years, all women suffer from menstrual problems prior to menopause. While Western medicine has never considered menstrual problems to be an issue of women’s reproductive system, TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Overland Park takes this condition seriously. If these menstrual conditions are left untreated, it can disrupt the harmony of a woman’s system, resulting in infertility, nervousness and other health problems.

  1. Aging

We may not be able to stop the biological process of aging, but we surely can delay it. Youth, by nature, is yang and the slow depletion of yang qi causes us to age slowly.

  1. Frequent sexual activity

Too much sexual activity depletes the kidney jing resulting in kidney yang and jing deficiency which disrupts the kidney’s normal function in regulating the natural process of conception. In serious cases, it can lead to menstrual problems or even infertility.

  1. Too much exercise

Exercise is good if you know the limitation of your body and if it is done properly. Over-exercising pushes your body over the limit and depletes your kidney yang resulting in deficient kidney yang.

  1. Life style

There are people who love to go outside during rainy weather, swim in cold water, consume raw foods, drink cold water drink taken straight from the refrigerator, etc. Doing any one of these things causes the extra yang in your body to be used up in order to neutralize the effect of the cold, which can lead to yang qi deficiency.

  1. Colding effect

Kidney yang deficiency can ensue when you’ve been consuming cold foods for a long period of time. By nature, cold foods are yin. When we eat cold food our body uses up a lot of yang energy in order to digest the food which depletes our yang qi.

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August 13th, 2019 at 12:41 am

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