Practicing Qigong On A Daily Basis

The Energy inside your body is circulating constantly. It fills all internal systems and all living cells. The flow of this energy can slow down due to the stresses of modern day living. Physical challenges and mental stress can obstruct the flow of vital energy. This movement of vital energy will cease to reach and fill important systems over time. Constricted, stressed muscles create rushed and stiff movements that block the continual, natural movement of vital energy. These abrupt, rigid motions may drain your vital energy and cause you to be sluggish. Easy rhythmic motions, however, can be continued with beneficial effects over longer periods of time.

Whether you’re at work, sleeping, at home or traveling, there are certain periods in the day when you can utilize the basic way of life inspired by regular Qigong exercises. They not only can help you relax, they can also help you refocus and refresh with improved strength. There can be a number of ways you can perform a simple exercise so subtly that no one will notice it. All you need to do is to perform Qigong movements and postures to the situations you find yourself in every day. The channels of your vital energy will open, making your motions less prone to mishap and more relaxed creating less stress and more harmony in your body.

You can also reduce the anxiety in your body everyday by observing the way you do things. When you write a letter or brush your teeth, are your arm muscles tensed? Do you apply a lot of pressure when you use a tool? When we’re aware of our actions we can learn that with a little effort, we can generate flowing faultless movements that’s totally in control and full of energy, while full of strength.

Practicing Qigong on a daily basis can open the flow of vital energy to our whole system and enhance this consciousness. When you make this a daily habit, it eventually becomes a part of your everyday life. Because of vital energy’s or chi’s nature, we really end up teaching others and ourselves about it. A Qi
Gong teacher can serve as a guide and can help you put into practice so that you can develop your skill with your chi, although learning about vital energy really comes as you encounter it yourself. A capable teacher is one who comprehends the energy channel and has developed along it himself.

Emily Farish is a licensed acupuncturist and the founder of Emily Farish Acupuncture in Spokane, WA.