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Drug Addiction and Alcohol Recovery with Bellingham Acupuncture

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A recovering addict’s worst enemy is himself.  The urge to experience another fix or drink is one of the hardest things to control but it is the addict or abuser who needs to get past this hardest moment of his recovery if he wants to live a meaningful and happy life.    Many programs for recovery, many of them pharmacological, are at the addict’s disposal but many of them such as nicotine patches to aid in smoking cessation do not really treat the root cause of the problem.  It is quite sad that Bellingham acupuncture being a great way to assist drug addicts and alcoholics, is hardly known especially if people know how natural, safe and very effective this treatment is for helping these specific individuals get back to a normal, happy, productive and spiritual life.  Furthermore, acupuncture is quite a cost effective treatment than most other therapies available in the market today.

Before acupuncture, clinics used for treating addiction and alcoholism were rather rowdy, unpleasant, noisy and chaotic.  When acupuncture for drug addiction and alcoholism was introduced, the former bad environment was then replaced with calmness and peace in the clinic.  The treatment room has chairs arranged in such a way that the patients can talk with and see each other. Those new patients just coming in are greatly benefited by this arrangement particularly if they have anxiety regarding the therapy.  During acupuncture treatment, often 5 ultra thin needles are inserted in the ears of the patients and others may also be treated with needles in their arms, feet and hands, feet apart from the ears.  After less than an hour, the needles are removed from the body and can be done by an assistant or the acupuncturist.

The acupuncture treatment gives the patient a great feeling that takes away the urge for a fix or drink.  This is a key benefit for it greatly assists the patient to control his urges and thereby can proceed easily to the next stages of therapy.  The effects of acupuncture lasts usually a whole day and that is why patients often need daily treatment sessions.  For those dry alcoholics, daily acupuncture is unnecessary and they may get treated periodically instead.  To make the treatment truly long term, the patient needs to change his lifestyle into one that is less stressful.  A continuation of the old life can see him revert back to his habits and may allow the urges and craving to return.  Acupuncture treatments help control the urges and restore the physical health and healthy appearance of the addict or alcoholic.

Recovery programs that have integrated acupuncture into their program have far higher success rates than those that have not.  An addict or alcoholic can be healed, physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually with acupuncture.

Written by Valerie

February 27th, 2012 at 1:02 am