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Depression Treatment with Herbs and Acupuncture New York

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Depression is a real problem that has to be dealt with and aided by intervention.  A depressed person though wanting to get out of this condition cannot do it without help.  A desperate feeling can only see darkness without a sliver of silver lining anywhere in sight.  The best conventional way to help treat this disorder is by counseling although most psychiatrists will likely recommend antidepressants for the patient.  A person is said to be clinically depressed when he/she has been depressed for weeks, months or even years.

Psychologists usually categorize depression into three forms:  bipolar disorder (manic depressive), dysthymia and major depression.  Until now, science has no knowledge if depression has a biological factor or of the condition causes physiological modifications in a person.

In China, Chinese physicians see depression in a different perspective than in the West.  The Chinese doctors view depression as caused by deficient energy in the heart and kidneys. The energy that they are referring to is chi, or life energy.  There is also a deficiency of chi as well as imbalance in the neurotransmitters the brain produces.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) addresses attacks the underlying cause of depression with acupuncture targeting the energy deficient organs (heart and kidneys) and with help from Chinese herbal medicine to optimize the treatment.  These modalities normalize and increase the low energy to the heart and kidneys and restores balance in the neurotransmitters. Being natural forms of treatment, patients undergoing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine usually experience a substantial improvement within two to three months.  When the balance of the body is restored and body functions are regulated, the acupuncture herbal therapies end.

Interestingly many practitioners have differing views on methods and causes of treatments. Some practitioners have had adequate experience to formulate a personalized approach to treating depression while others do it “by the book.”  Those who have extensive experience often see in their patient’s lifestyles factors that contribute greatly to depression – processed and junk foods; avoiding them is to prevent depression from creeping into one’s system.  A healthy diet together (organic and natural foods) with breathing exercises and meditation helps develop a balanced emotion and good physical health.

Acupuncture New York is a highly recommended treatment for depression.  The treatment itself helps to produce a fair amount of neurotransmitters needed to fight the sad and helpless feeling of the depressed individual.  It is advisable to seek help from a licensed acupuncturist who has extensive experience in studying and treating depressed patients.  This professional has probably encountered almost all types of depression and is the most capable professional who can deal with this disease.  One can also undergo counseling, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and even painkillers all at the same time if he/she feels this is the best way to overcome his/her depression.