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Cupping Therapy For The Treatment Of Lung And Respiratory Conditions

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Perhaps, a lot of people may already know a handful of the more popular treatments of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. These may likely include herbal medicine, massage, and acupuncture in Jacksonville. But are you aware that there exists a lesser-known plan of treatment called cupping therapy that can help alleviate scores of illnesses?

Cupping therapy involves the application of small jars or cups to the skin to suction dirty blood and heat away from the body. This method has been practiced since 1500 B.C., when people in ancient Egypt used it to address a wide range of health problems like pain, weak appetite, menstrual disorders, vertigo, and fever. Taoist herbal concoctions were used later along with cupping to help people relax, remove toxins from the body, and encourage healthy circulation of blood, among several other uses.

These days, this highly versatile but simple therapy still works for almost all types of health issues making it an ideal alternative to surgery and medications for a lot of people. Be they made of modern materials like silicon, or bamboo or glass, bamboo, these useful little cups have a verified successful record of clinical effectiveness that warrants further investigation.

How does one perform Chinese cupping therapy?

A practitioner of TCM, according to the PCOM (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine), a TCM practitioner will first generate a vacuum effect inside the cups. One technique by which this is done is to apply rubbing alcohol and ignite the bottom of the cups with fire. When the fire is extinguished and the created heat cools eventually, the air within the cups condenses to produce a natural suction.

Then the practitioner places the cups on the skin and either keeps the cups isolated and gently lifted or he moves them across the body in a continuous motion which is a technique known as gliding cupping. In both procedures, the vacuum within the cups draws the skin away from the body to generate negative pressure, as opposed to the positive pressure generated by massage. The nervous system is sedated, healthy blood circulation is enhanced, and muscle tissue is loosened by this negative pressure.

PCOM explains that cupping and acupuncture are basically combined into one treatment, although it can also be used as a standalone treatment.” Cupping can be utilized to alleviate neck and back pains, rheumatism, migraines, fatigue, anxiety, stiff muscles, and even cellulite.”

Amazing relief of ailments can be provided by cupping therapy combined with acupuncture

One reason cupping therapy is usually added in acupuncture treatment is that both modalities follow the natural meridian lines of the body. These meridians are known to be the channels by which qi or life energy flows. The five meridian lines of the back are usually used in cupping therapy since it traditionally is used on the back. This is designed to relax the qi and align and open up all the meridians through which qi flows.

PCOM adds, “Cupping is perhaps the therapy for best deep-tissue massage that a person can take.” “It is believed to influence tissues as deep as four inches from the epidermis. Arteries and veins are refreshed, blockages can be cleared, and toxins can be flushed out within these four inches of affected materials. One can even cup the ankles, legs, wrists, and hands, thus using the therapy to heal organs that are associated with these points.”

Respiratory and lung conditions such as the common cold and asthma have been also known to respond very well to cupping therapy. Actually, respiratory conditions are among the first documented conditions for which cupping therapy was considered to successfully work.

Written by Valerie

December 11th, 2018 at 1:05 pm