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Acupuncture Cleveland an Effective Treatment for Infertility

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One of the first benefits one can get from acupuncture Cleveland treatment is a feeling of comfort and relaxation that has not been experienced for a long time; in other words stress is removed from the body.  This helps in enabling the body to achieve a natural state of balance and harmony once again.

Acupuncture is probably the most ancient existing healing practice with the largest adherents in the world and is an integral part of a codex of healing arts called traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.  TCM’s foundation lies in the existence of chi or life energy flowing through all living things including humans on energy thoroughfares called meridians inside the body.  The aim of acupuncture is to restore and abet the free flow of chi in the body.

Even in the present advanced state of human technology, science has not been able to detect or study chi and its flow in the body.  It has, however, observed how acupuncture stimulates hormone production and secretion and improves blood flow, enabling the body to heal itself and to strengthen its immune functions.

Many kinds of infertility cases are treatable with acupuncture.  Acupuncture assists the body in achieving to establish a normal and functioning reproductive system that improves the chance of conception.  Acupuncture is all about establishing balance and harmony in the body’s energy system for better health and well-being.

Stress is a major factor for infertility.  Emotional and physical stress can disrupt the body’s natural rhythm causing dysfunctions in the body systems including the endocrine system.  Regular hormonal activity is affected by stress, which causes problems in the reproductive system.  By relieving stress, the body corrects itself and normalizes body functions once again. Thus, the endocrine system functions normally once more creating a healthy environment for conception.  Mental or physical stress needs to be addressed promptly because prolonged stress in the body can also cause infertility problems that are harder to treat

It is important to note that not all acupuncturists are experienced in treating infertility.  There are acupuncturists who specialize in this field.  General acupuncture can ably treat general kinds of infertility; however many cases of infertility are best taken care of by acupuncture infertility specialists.

The best source of a good and specialized acupuncturist would be one’s OB/gyn doctor, family or friends.  Some physicians nowadays will recommend an infertility acupuncturist for infertility problems they deem are better handled by these practitioners.

Oftentimes combined with herbal medicine, acupuncture for infertility first needs to remove stress and from there will diagnose the patient on what type of infertility problems she/he is suffering from.  With no stress to complicate treatment, the underlying problem that caused the infertility is then addressed together with the symptoms.

Written by Valerie

October 2nd, 2011 at 2:48 am

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