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Chi Nei Tsang To Boost The Flow Of Energy Throughout Your Body Strengthen Your Core

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Strengthening our center or core is what we hear a lot these days but what does this really mean? Well, what is our core, in the first place? Our core is our body’s center of gravity that’s situated in the area of stomach stretching from the navel to the pubic bone. Our center/core is an extremely important part of our body while the navel plays an integral role in our daily well being and health.

Why are these body areas important to our health?

Over five thousand years ago, ancient Taoist monks known as White Cloud monks who were living in the mountains of China realized that the stagnation or slow flow of chi or vital energy in the body disrupted the body’s capacity to maintain and attain higher levels of awareness via meditation. This slow movement of energy was the main reason various emotional and physical maladies occurred. The monks created a healing art form named Chi Nei Tsang which is referred to as Abdominal Chi Massage in order to rectify these obstructions. Mantak Chia, Chi Kung Master brought Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) in secret to the West in the 1970’s, along with the physical aspect of his healing system called ‘Universal Tao’.

Chi refers to energy while “nei tsang” indicates internal organs. A holistic healing therapy involving “wellness touch,” Chi Nei Tsang literally means “transformation of chi internal organs” or “treating the energy of the internal organs.” At times, CNT is known as “Applied Chi Kung” because it follows the principles of Chi Kung. It is a therapeutic technique primarily performed in the stomach area using massage-like touch to help the internal organs to work with greater effectiveness and boost the circulation of energy throughout the body. It can be used for modern-day societies to harmonize the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical dimensions of our being in order to cure underlying health problems. It achieves by targeting the stomach, center of our body, where a great number of our vital organs are found.

CNT begins with the navel, our true center, through precise, light yet extremely deep touches. The navel is deemed to be the origin of all the smooth connective tissue (fasciae) in the body since it is where the undifferentiated embryonic tissue turns into a differentiated fetal tissue. When we were in our mother’s womb, we imbibed nutrients and excreted all wastes and toxins through the navel or umbilicus. Even today, we still store that cellular memory inside us, which is the reason toxins still tend to build around the area of the umbilicus. This is the area where the central lymphatic plexus just below the tissue’s superficial layers is situated.

Information is brought to us via energy in motion or “Chi-motions”. Emotions are reinforced by our thoughts and housed by the body. If they are unresolved, they eventually manifest as various mental, emotional, or physical symptoms. These symptoms are merely signs of our body being dis-eased, lacking, or out of balance.

CNT has four main benefits:

1. On the level of spirituality, CNT brings the healing energy by connecting to our Source. Because they believe that nothing about you is broken, practitioners of CNT don’t attempt to ‘repair’ you. They instead bring you in touch with yourself by becoming channels for the chi of wellness, because they believe that real healing occurs deep within you. So, during a therapy, your feelings are aroused, instead of attempting to understand them. The practitioners merely help you to realize the fellowship of the feelings. They allow you to become as non-rational as possible, helping you to connect with the most abstract facets of your feelings.

2. Mentally, CNT helps clear our thoughts so you may get in touch and connect with all the aspects of your being spirit, emotions, body, and mind.

3. Emotionally, CNT can increase awareness of the value of your emotional life by helping you identify and treat the underlying cause of your problem. This is done by helping one to understand the pending emotional problems that may be hidden within the mind and body. Our digestive system is the repository of all our unprocessed emotional life that‘s just waiting to be assessed. Weak emotional digestion can also contribute to poor well being and health. CNT helps in unfolding people’s emotions and help clarify their emotional lives, allowing them to grow and develop towards their better self. It instructs them to know themselves better by helping them connect with their inherent capacity for wellness. A lot of people are unable to fully get in touch with their inner wellness because they got used to breathing in a shallow manner. We can feel emotions when we breathe fully and we are unable to feel when we can’t breathe fully. Each therapy usually involves basic self-help manipulations and approaches that can help improve breathing.

4. Physically, the touch in CNT detoxifies the body by stimulating cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, boosting digestion and elimination, and clearing excess stagnation. All this leads to the strengthening of the defense system of the body and hence is a perfect complement to the other health care approaches leading to excellent results. Since the origin of all the fasciae in the body is the navel, CNT accesses the roots of the navel by using deep yet precise touches to help realign the misaligned structures of the body. This therapy also activates the internal organs to make them function better to treat postural misalignments caused by visceral imbalances.

Our core in the abdomen is actually not usually addressed during most bodywork activities. So, alongside some forms of bodywork, incorporating Abdominal Chi Massage in your regimen of personal wellness can be an ideal way to help you get in touch with your entire self to bring about wellness from a totally holistic point of view.

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Written by Valerie

January 30th, 2018 at 2:34 pm