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Acupuncture Treatment For Crohn’s Disease

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In this article, we’re going to talk about Crohn’s disease and what Cleveland acupuncture can do to help relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune condition that more and more people are being diagnosed with. The symptoms involve severe pain and distention in the lower abdomen where the intestines are and sensitivity to foods. People with Crohn’s have to be so careful what they eat.

If they eat the wrong food, they get flares with severe pain and bloating as well as bowel trouble. Acupuncture is very effective at treating this condition. As you know, there’s no cure for Crohn’s disease and other autoimmune conditions. Autoimmune is a Western diagnosis and Chinese medicine approaches this in a different way.

When you come in with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, what we’re going to do is we’re going to perform a full intake and ask all about your symptoms (how do you feel, what triggers your pain, what foods make it better or worse, when is the condition worse or better, is there a timing to the flares that you have, etc.)

We’re also going to use two important diagnostic tools of Chinese medicine. We will look at your tongue and we will feel your pulse. Your tongue can give a vast amount of information about what’s going on internally at the organ level in your body. Different parts of the tongue represent different parts of the body internally and we can grasp a tremendous amount of information from that.

Likewise, with the pulse, when we feel the pulse in a Chinese medicine intake, we’re not just counting how many beats per minute, but in each wrist, there are three finger positions and each of those will make a total of six that represent the different organs in the body and how those organs are functioning.

Now, a lot of times when you have a condition like Crohn’s, which can in fact affect the large intestine, we actually can feel the effects of the organ imbalance in the pulse. After an intake, we are able to create a Chinese medicine diagnosis for the Crohn’s patient, which is going to allow us to create a plan of treatment involving acupuncture. When we administer the treatment, the symptoms of Crohn’s disease ease; sometimes it eases 20%, sometimes 80%, which is fairly dramatic.

If you have Crohn’s disease, it will really serve you well to come in and get a workup, get some acupuncture and see if the treatment can help. The reason this is so important is that the medications that are offered for Crohn’s, first of all, sometimes they help and sometimes they don’t and they all have fairly severe side effects.

So, I think it’s important when you’re putting a plan together for treating your Crohn’s, which is a chronic condition, you want to see all the things that are going to help. You want to take as little toxic medicine as you need to be able to maintain a lifestyle that’s comfortable for you.

So come on in and let us evaluate and treat you. After 3 to 6 treatments, we’ll let you know if acupuncture is going to make a difference in your life or not. I would say in 80 or more percent of our cases, it does make a significant difference in our Crohn’s patients. They are able to back off or sometimes get off their medicines and they definitely have an improvement in the quality of their life.

So please, check us out. We look forward to seeing you.

Written by Valerie

March 12th, 2019 at 12:52 pm

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