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Achieving Weight Loss and Optimal Health Through Chinese Food Therapy

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Chinese people are extremely careful about their daily food intake. They see it as a first line of treatment. Forthe Chinese, it’s common to treat a small ailment through a carefully prepared meal or by integrating a specific ingredient in a dish according to traditional Chinese medicine classification of the patterns of disharmony. To treat obesity through nutritional therapy, there are two main ways to achieve this:

(a) Convert phlegm and dry the body by removing dampness.
(b) Invigoratethe kidneys and strengthen the spleen.

Chinese medicine techniques can eliminate pain and destroy 91% of diseases, including chronic and acute pain, debilitating backaches, crippling arthritis, bending migraines, eczema and psoriasis, high blood pressure, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, male and female fertility issues and urinary problems to name a few.

It is the enhancing diet of the “qu” and “spleen,” for example, that people seek to support the body to prepare for conception. The Chinese dietary therapy is a potent tool for addressing imbanances within the body. The famous Chinese medicine doctor, Sun Si-miao thought that the most important treatment was the modulation of the diet of the patient that could then be bolstered and supported with herbal medicine and acupuncture in Overland Park.

Step #1: start to administer the Spleen Qi diet to make sure the best intake of digestion of nutrients and distribution to the organ systems, especially the reproductive system.

Basic Rules:

Fashion your meals on a Chinese diet-imagine a plate filled with some portions of protein, whole grains and lots of steamed vegetables.

Favor lightly-steamed or cooked foods over raw foods. Stay away from cold drinks and foods that that can extinguish the digestive fire.

Mindfully and slowly chew your food. Avoid drinking one half prior to and after your meal and at mealtime for optimal digestion.

Consume organic foods, especially if you’re eating meat.

At each snack and meal, it carbohydrate and protein to stabilize blood sugar levels during the day.

Stop eating artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. Instead sparingly use natural, low-glycemic replacements (e.g., xylitol, Stevia and agave nectar).

Substitute cow-based dairy products with goat, sheep, almond or rice milk.

Avoid eating wheat and refined carbohydrates. Choose sprouted breads as well as foods consisting polenta, corn flour, oat flour, rice flour and spelt flour.Substitute white rice with brown rice. Use pasta alternatives such as quinoa, spaghetti squash, brown rice and spelt.

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March 5th, 2019 at 11:45 am