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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Can Help Reverse Hair loss

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For a lot of people hair loss can come at a very young age, some in their 20’s and some even earlier. Tens of millions of men in the United States suffer from male-pattern baldness. Oftentimes, it can lead to partial or complete baldness. Women can suffer from female-pattern hair loss which commonly manifests as thinning of the hair in the crown and front areas of the head. Some factors that can lead to hair loss can include heredity, overthinking, and stress. Hair loss can lead to psychological symptoms such as self-consciousness and feelings of anxiety.

An effective and safe way to stimulate hair regeneration is with Chinese medicine, specifically, Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Qualified acupuncturists can successfully treat hair loss. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there are two underlying reasons for hair loss: damp heat stagnation and kidney and blood deficiency. Acupuncturists also use herbs (for external and internal use) that work very well for many patients.

For hair loss many acupuncturists use the acupuncture points St 8, Yi Ming, Du 16, Du 19, G 5, G 7, and G 20. Treatment is given once or more than once a week. At home, the patient can also use a seven star needle every day to tap the scalp or bald patch where the hair is thinning.

The hair can be nourished with a number of herbs to stimulate hair growth. They include Shu Di Wang, Dang Gui, Shuan Ye, Han Lian Cao, Nu Shen His, He Shou, and several others. The herbs can be taken as tea. Acupuncturists can also make topical application in the form of an herbal tincture, particularly, to utilize along with the seven star needle. All those herbs promote blood flow to the scalp. Besides helping hair growth, they can also prevent the graying of hair. After two or three months of treatment, new hair growth can be seen.

A Case Study

J.T., a 33-year-old male went to my clinic one May morning. He had been suffering from hair loss problem for more than 25 years. When he was a teen, he experienced partial hair loss. He tried oral and topical steroid hormones without success. During the last two years, his condition was getting worse. His symptoms were thinning of hair and partial hair loss. Six months before, he came to my clinic, he developed one bald patch, about the size an egg that was situated at the right part of his temple. He often suffered from headaches and nervousness. His pulses were weak and thin and his tongue had a slightly reddish color with white fur. It was bigger than normal.

I diagnosed him with kidney blood deficiency and damp-heat stagnation. I performed acupuncture on him, gave him an herbal tincture to be applied topically, and gave him a daily supplement in the form of an herbal tea. I told him to visit me once a week. On his 8th visit, I first noticed new hair growth in his bald patch. Each day the bald patch was slowly shrinking. After three months the bald patch disappeared and was replaced with new hair. His new hair has remained well healthy and well. He has been on a maintenance program for the last five years. He is extremely happy with the outcome.

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