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Acupoints Used To Relieve the Symptoms Associated with Tonsillitis

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The tonsils are lymph nodes that are found on each side at the back of the throat. Their job is to prevent harmful pathogens from infecting the body. However, from time to time, the tonsils can be overrun by viral and bacterial microorganisms and when this happens they themselves can become inflamed and infected leading to a number of flu-like symptoms. This condition is known as tonsillitis and is an illness that all too often affects children.

Signs and Symptoms

-Sore throat
-In certain instances specks of white discharge on the tonsils
-Tenderness and/or soreness in the glands of the throat and jaw
-Pain when swallowing
-Chills and fever

Western Modes of Treatment

In order to identify tonsillitis from illnesses that produce similar symptoms (like strep throat and the flu) the doctor may request a throat culture. Over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin and rest and sometimes antibiotics (for sore throat due to bacterial infection) are the most common forms of treatment for this condition. If you have bacterial tonsillitis, you need to continue taking antibiotics per your doctor’s orders, even if you start feeling better. This is to make sure that re-infection does not occur.

Your doctor may suggest a tonsillectomy to remove the diseased tonsils if your infection is severe or if the glands become infected three or more times per year. Tonsillectomies used to be the most common treatment for tonsillitis but now most doctors believe that the tonsils is an important organ that protects the body against infection, and so should only be removed only when it is absolutely necessary. People should understand that if the tonsils are removed, this will not guarantee anyone a life free of sore throats since the same microorganism that infect the tonsils can also infect the throat. It is also worth mentioning that individuals who have had their tonsils taken out tend to experience fewer sore throat infections.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Therapy – Herbal remedies commonly used for tonsil infections include Sore Throat Powder Spray and Laryngitis Pills. They both can be bought without prescription.

Acupressure – Acupoints used by practitioners to treat tonsillitis-related throat pain and swelling and throat pain associated with tonsillitis Stomach 9 and 36, Lung 11, Large Intestine 4. Acupoints Governing Vessel 13 and Conception Vessel 17 can be treated to relieve swallowing difficulty.

Acupuncture – This treatment can help relieve tonsillitis-related sore throat and swelling. The acupuncturist mainly targets the Large Intestine 4 and 11, Lung 1, and Bladder 10 and 12 as well as ear acupoints with associated with the tonsils and pharynx.

Tammi Jones is a board certified and licensed acupuncture physician in Palm Harbor, FL.

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