Why Not Try Acupuncture for the Treatment of Your Acne?

Based on those who believe and practice TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is one very good treatment for acne. This is due to acupuncture’s way of bringing back normality to the functions of the various the organ systems of the body. It also helps cure diseases such as acne, eczema and other skin conditions caused by a certain imbalance in the body.

The underlying principle in acupuncture is the belief of ley lines, yin and yang and acupuncture points existing in the body. Besides these ley lines or meridians, yin and yang, and pressure points, acupuncture practitioners and adherents also believe that if a person has an illness, his yin and yang is imbalanced, resulting in physical conditions such as acne. To bring back balance, specific acupuncture points are treated with extremely thin acupuncture needles. When the needles are inserted in the proper pressure points, the flow of energy is rebalanced resulting in the removal of the disease.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, acne or zit breakouts are signs of the body having too much internal heat. This means that in order to resolve the acne, the lungs (the organ system that governs the skin) need to be cooled down and purified. This is done by inserting a few needles into certain parts of the body to stimulate the meridians.

Multiple sessions of acupuncture therapy are required in order to get the best results of acne treatment. These sessions may also involve the use of cupping therapy, which is a healing procedure that uses glass cups to suction certain parts of your skin. This treatment helps to cool down the lungs and detoxify your body to help restore balance.

Western medicine techniques and acupuncture in Bellingham are very different from each other. Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that not only targets the zits but the underlying cause of the disease or imbalance as well.

A study done involving the potency of EAT (electro-acupuncture) therapy in addressing the hormonal imbalance associated with acne has showed that EAT therapy is able to regulate the hormones leading to a reduction in sebum production of the acne patient. Other studies have been conducted that show the efficacy of acupuncture in treating breakouts. To conclusively prove its effectiveness, more controlled studies need to be done in this field of research.

Availing of acupuncture treatment to help avert the rise of acne breakouts is something you need to consider if current conventional therapies and medications have failed to cure your acne. Still, it is a good idea to consult first with a dermatologist who is open minded in order to find out the best and most effective treatment for you. The dermatologist can recommend a proper form of treatment for you. For people suffering from a severe type of acne, certain strong prescription medications can be prescribed for their condition.

You should know that the effectiveness of natural acne therapies may depend on the person. As with most natural forms of acne treatments, do not expect to get immediate results after a few sessions of acupuncture. Furthermore, it will help you a lot if you do a little research on other natural treatment remedies for acne breakouts.