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Acne Prevention

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Never touch your acne with your hands and fingers. This is one reminder that will help prevent the worsening of this skin condition.  Other preventive ways to acne prevention include:

Drinking a lot of water everyday – Drinking around 64 oz/day of water can flush out toxins in your system that may be causing acne.

Indulge in a regular workout program – Doing exercise everyday can help reduce mental and physical stress in the body. It also improves blood circulation that can result in a stronger immune system and removal of toxins in the body, stress reduction and more oxygen to the blood.

Showering twice a day – Doing this rids your body of excess oils that can clog pores which cause acne.

Changing face towels and bed linens regularly – Regular changes of these can prevent your skin from getting into contact with harmful skin bacteria.

Never sleep with your makeup still in your face – The toxins in your makeup will enter your body and eventually weaken your immune system and add more pimples to your acne. Also do not over moisturize since it can cause pores to unclog or blacken leaving you with unsightly blackheads.

Utilize over-the-counter acne gel or cream to rid yourself of excess sebum. Ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are good skin germs fighters that can help control and lessen your acne symptoms.

Do not use too much foundation makeup – If possible use powder instead than cream products since the former are less irritating to the skin.

Wear loose fitting clothing – Wearing tight clothing traps your sweat in your body and irritates your skin as well. This will add to skin germs in the body and skin irritation which can aggravate your acne problem. Also avoid wearing tight accessories to prevent skin friction that may damage or irritate your skin.

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