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Why Not Turn to a Natural, Safe, and Effective Treatment for Your Anxiety Problems

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We today may have the most potent medications and state of the art technology when dealing with emotional disorders; the problem is they are not as effective as we want them to be when addressing conditions.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, is a very old medical procedure that originated in China that has been proven time and time again to significantly treat emotional issues such as panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.

Helping Deal with Anxiety through Acupuncture Therapy

As with all forms of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works on the principle that the body and mind are intimately connected. Problems of the emotions often arise from internal and external factors. Some of these internal factors include worry, fear, sadness, and anger while external factors include cold, heat, and wind.

With acupuncture, the mind and body is allowed to calm down and relax. This enables the mind and body to heal and cope with stress and highly tensed situations in a much better way.

Acupuncture for Anxiety Attacks

There are different forms and degrees of anxiety. However, this condition usually stems from reactions to new situations and tension (one example is being tense before giving out a speech). There are also anxiety cases that may be disproportionate and random. Regardless of the cause and type of anxiety experienced, the anxiety sufferer can always turn to acupuncture to help balance the mental and physical aspects of his body.

A person experiencing anxiety can manifest a slew of symptoms. These can include headaches, vomiting, chest pains, shallow and rapid breathing, and increased heart rate. The acupuncturist needs to examine the patient’s tongue and pulse in order to determine the type of acupuncture treatment to be used to address the condition.

Most of the anxiety conditions are associated with the kidney and heart. In Chinese medicine, the heart is known as a yang organ which provides energy throughout the body, the kidney, on the other hand, is considered a water organ that helps balance the yang energy of the heart whenever an upsurge of emotions in the body takes place.

The acupuncturist addresses the disharmony in the body that results in severe and chronic anxiety.

For anxiety treatment, one or two sessions may suffice; however, for severe or chronic anxiety, the treatment may require one to a couple of sessions each week for several months. Vitamin, herbal and diet therapy are usually included in the treatment to help nourish and balance the body.

For sufferers of anxiety who want a safe and natural treatment, acupuncture is the perfect treatment for you. Talk with a licensed practitioner today and get immediate and appropriate help.

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