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Treating Migraine with Acupuncture

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Medical researchers in the West are divided about the benefits of acupuncture and if it truly works or not.  Acupuncture has been treating countless numbers of people for more than 5,000 years for so many health conditions.  Even the World Health Organization and the US National Institutes of Health have validated acupuncture to be effective in treating dozens of health problems.  Still acupuncture is still highly criticized by certain “experts” even if billions of people around the world are still using it today.

Migraine strikes around 15% of the people all over the world.  This painful problem may have a number of causes.  Any type of migraine treatment is welcome news for every migraine sufferer.  When the onset of this headache comes, it is best to have a fast working treatment on hand; allowing the migraine to go untreated means unbelievable pain for the poor migraine sufferer.

Unfortunately migraine can occur any time and at any place.  There may be some things that can trigger a migraine attack and there may be unknown variables that can easily cause migraine to erupt which is beyond the control of people.  For the migraine sufferer, the need to search for a really good cure is imperative.

Happily, it has been found that acupuncture can help put a stop to the migraine pains or at least effectively minimize it. Many physicians may prescribe expensive painkilling drugs that they need to sell to please the drug manufacturers who shower them with lucrative benefits and incentives.  Because of the negative publicity of alternative natural modes of treatment in the corporate mainstream media, many of which have transnational pharmaceutical companies as sponsors, people are skeptical about the benefits acupuncture can bring so that the doctors may keep on prescribing more very harmful medications to their patients.

If you don’t fall to the propaganda of the corporate media and do avail of acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist oftentimes will recommend you follow a healthy diet to help augment the benefits of the acupuncture treatment.  The acupuncturist, for example, may recommend that you drink tea rather than soft drinks.  These simple recommendations often make a lot of sense and pretty soon, you can begin to notice that the attacks have lessened in frequency.

To help you treat your migraine, the acupuncturist may begin by massaging your head.  After the massage the acupuncturist will then insert very thin non hollow needles into certain parts of your body.  These needles are not as painful as the needles used in hospitals and medical clinics which use hollow needles used basically to put in fluid into your body.

After going for a few acupuncture treatment sessions, you will notice good results in just a few weeks.  The frequency of migraine attacks will drop considerably and after a number of months the migraines may completely go away.

Written by Valerie

August 14th, 2012 at 4:27 am

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